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    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 9:00pm


    Wed Jul 17 2019
    | by Quizmaster Johnny Vallone

    The VIBE:

    The manager told me that they've been slow lately...probably due to the warm summer nights we've been having. But there was still a baker who ate one of his dozen. Also, it was a pretty self-contained crowd. I only spotted one drunk. And yes, he was playing his own out-loud audio version...

    The GAME:

    Round 1 - The first round went off pretty well - no big surprises.

    Round 2/Pictures - A fairly strong round as well...although I still have no clue who Karen O is....and many teams agreed with me. Nice job to girls of Fuck It - the only team to double-up!

    Round 3 - This was something completely different. (Did we hire someone new on the Quiz staff? Cuz this was great!) In this round, each team had to guess the homonym. And yes, although it was neat-o and fun, it was also apparently super easy. Only 3 teams didn't get a perfect double-up.

    Round 4 - King Arthur led an interesting life. You.should have been there

    The Drinking Round - Again, keepin' the variety...I tried something new....The Rule of Seven. I had one player from each team come up and we did a snake line of topics: Continents, Dwarves, Deadly Sins....and then the stumper of the night - Sacraments. It was a good round! I mean, the words FREE BEER always win.

    Round 5/Connection - Big points came out of this round...that led to 6 teams all within 10 points of each other!

    Round 6/Matching - Do you know which Leo DiCaprio movie had him play a character named Jim Carroll? How about Hugh Glass? Calvin Candie? I know, I know....he will always be Jack to all of us.

    Round 7 - In the last round, teams had to list off the countries that exported the most coffee. MAJOR PROPS to the Slob Knobers who pulled off a perfect 20 points!!! But they weren't chasing the gold....these three teams were...and it was oh so close!

    The RESULTS:

    In 3rd place, coming off a 2nd place win last week....the always competitive...Mike Pence None the Richer (67 points)

    2nd place....a team who had perfect double-ups in Round 5 & one crazy point....Beertlejuice x 3 (68 points)

    But the winners of the night ....with 3 double-ups....and the $75 gift card.....goes to MAN FORCED TO EAT OWN BEARD!!!


    Next Themed Event: IT's ALWAYS SUNNY...

    Saturday, July 27th @8pm *TICKETS*

    Hyperion Public - Los Angeles, CA

    And now I must go cut my hair...

    ~ Quizmaster of the Trivia Universe Johnny


    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 MAN FORCED TO EAT OWN BEARD 77 10 1.000
    2 21350 Beertlejuice 68 9 0.900
    3 19117 Mike Pence None The Richer 67 8 0.800
    4 Special Victims Unit 62 7 0.700
    5 12222 Tinfinity 54 6 0.600
    6 21346 Definitely Not Reverse Psychology 48 5 0.500
    7 Slob Knobers 39 3 0.350
    7 All This and the Brains Too 39 3 0.350
    9 21347 Fuck it 38 2 0.200
    10 Baby Got Bach 36 1 0.100
    11 Menstrual Cycles 11 0 0.000