Charlie's Stars & Stripes

296 N. 2nd Avenue
Upland CA 91764
(909) 981-2411
  • Tuesdays @ 7:00pm



Tue Feb 13 2018
| by Quizmaster Jonathan Rushing

Charlie's was closed for remodeling last week so there was a slightly smaller crowd last night, but it was still a good time. All 5 teams did very well. It came down to the wire in the last round, Alcohol: For Teachers By Teachers and the Lady Boners were tied for 2nd place and the Teachers got the silver medal with the tie breaking question. Always a strong showing from them. A huge congrats to the Funky Wagnalls for getting the gold medal with their strong win last night! Fun crowd. Going to try to get a larger crowd in the weeks to come.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 11873 Funky Wagnalls 54 4 1.000
2 10772 Alcohol: For Teachers By Teachers 53 3 0.750
3 Lady Boner 52 2 0.500
4 Chupacaipa 39 1 0.250
5 10340 Who Wants To Touch Mike Hawk 36 0 0.000