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Our chef has many years of experience in every aspect of food service and looks to provide something for everyone. Our staff is upbeat and enthusiastic to be here to help you have a great experience.


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Here at Collision our staff is committed to providing a friendly and fun experience. We love to use local ingredients in our food and beer as much as possible. Our main goal is to provide a place everyone can relax, sit back, and enjoy life when you come and visit us.


Thu Jan 23 2020
| by Quizmaster Gil Ireland Ashley

ANOTHER great night at Collision, 8 teams with 52 players and 1 folding table dragged in to accommodate the crowd size! All teams scored between 4 & 6 in Round 1; Satan's Little Helpers, back for a 2nd time (and so large a contingent that they had to split into 2 teams), were top scorers with 6 of a possible 6. 4-Way Stop were high scorers in the Picture Round with 7 of a possible 8 to move into first place; no one correctly identified Josephine Baker. Trebek's Rejects 6 points (of a possible 6) in the Theme Round moved them into first; Satan's offshoot Goobersnots went for a double-or-nothing and only got 5 right, with the resulting zero dropping them into last (they would be heard from again). At this stage 7 teams were bunched within 4 points of each other.

Satan's Little Helpers correctly identified Sigmund Freud for 10 points in the Guess Who round; Goobersnots, 4-Way Stop, #momjeans and Tequila Is Not A Patronus all answered correctly for 8 points; at this point all 8 teams were within 8 points of one another. Erstwhile stalwarts Brown Chicken Brown Cow, back after a long absence, went for a double-or-nothing in the Find The Connection round; their 9 of a possible 10 (and the resulting zero) dropped them out of the running for the night. Quite rightly they pointed out that the Gnarls Barkley video for "Crazy" is a virtual video Rorschach test; unfortunately that video does not feature Dennis Hopper ("Smiley Faces" does). Goobersnots were high scorers in that round, their 8 points brought them to within 3 points of leaders 4-Way Stop. In both rounds 6 & 7, Limoncello handed in sheets with 1 answer on them as they are "not the demographic" for those topics; to their credit, each answer was correct! Round 6 (the handout round) was where Goobersnots made their move, hitting a successful double to vault into 1st place by 6 points over Satan's Little Helpers and 8 over Trebek's Rejects. Goobersnots sealed the deal by scoring 10 of a possible 10 in Round 7 to claim the glory, the gift cards and a six-pak of Collision Red Rambler; Trebek's Rejects' 9 points secured them 2nd place by 3 points in front of Satan's Little Helpers.

It was a good game and, more importantly, a fun night at Collision. Let's do it again next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 24933 Goobersnots 58 7 1.000
2 19136 Trebek's Rejects 49 6 0.857
3 24166 Satans little helpers 46 5 0.714
4 13541 #momjeans 44 4 0.571
5 24571 Tequila Is Not A Patronus 40 3 0.429
6 22056 4 way stop 36 2 0.286
7 13539 Brown Chicken, Brown Cow 27 1 0.143
8 22413 Limoncello 25 0 0.000