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Tue Jun 28 2022
| by Quizmaster Jordan Henderson

It was the East Side Story tonight as teams battled it out for trivia glory!

Most of the night the Coco Shrimps and Yoshi's Island battled it out and almost turned into the Jets and the Sharks as their rivalry grew! All the while, Freaky Demonic Entity oooOoOoOo ghost noises kept pace and lurked in the background (as demons tend to do)

But as that battled waged, Tres Comas had a comeback of the year by using a double or nothing in the 6th round to jump from 4th to 1st and they never relinquished the lead, holding on by a 3 point margin over the Coco Shrimps!

It was a fun and wild night and hopefully next week can keep pace!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Tres Comas 63 5 1.000
2 39924 Coco shrimps 60 4 0.800
3 72688 Freaky Demonic Entity oooOoOoOo ghost noises 48 3 0.600
4 59818 Yoshi's Island 44 2 0.400
5 Not From Seattle 30 1 0.200
6 Paul 23 0 0.000