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    Killarneys Live Irish Pub is a Bar and restaraunt offering a fine selection of Irish whiskeys, Beers, Live Music, and a full menu of from-scratch food.


    Tue Nov 26 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    Drama at Killarney's as Seal Team 3 and Tequila Mockingbird dueled out a Tie
    Breaker for third place honors during last night's King Trivia Pub Quiz! Both
    teams ended up with 71 points and so had to come up with the answer to "How
    many double stitches on an official MLB baseball?" TM came closest and snagged
    the win while one confused Catholic tried to tell this quiz master it was the
    same number as the beads in a rosary. For those to whom baseball is a religion
    I can only say the designated hitter rule was akin to Martin Luther's act of
    defiance in 1517.

    One Left in the Chamber wiped the floor with a stunning 90 point win and Pickles
    on a Plate got a nice pastrami sandwich with a juicy 75 point second. Wassa
    Matta-U, Deadly Alliance (of Blood, Bath & Beyond/Ship It!) and the Alcoballics,
    some old friends we haven't seen in a long time, broke the sixty point barrier.
    A shout out to the Poonswagglers and Street Smarts as well as our resident wait
    staff team, the Bar Flies, who stuck it out to the end while newbies Mike & Mike
    took a hike early. The Meet Up team of Junior League Ladies only produced a
    couple of ladies, so they ended up joining the winning team before game time,
    which proves what they lacked in numbers they made up for in judgment!

    Our Round Two Picture Round (brought to you by the Department of Redundancy
    Department) yielded the most wrong guesses as to the identity of one John
    Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. I give you...

    Brett Michaels
    Richard Marks (?)
    Steven Tyler
    Sebastian Bach
    Jon Bon Jovi
    Mr. Goo Goo
    Bruce Jenner

    Quiz Master Lou signing off and wishing you all a joyful Thanksgiving Holiday!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 15071 One Left in the Chamber 90 10 1.000
    2 11827 pickles on a plate 75 9 0.900
    3* 14448 Tequila Mockingbird 71 7 0.750
    3 16940 Seal Team 3 71 7 0.750
    5 15262 Wossamotta U 69 5 0.550
    5 14109 Alcoballics 69 5 0.550
    7 12732 Deadly Alliance 67 4 0.400
    8 17240 STREET SMARTS! 50 3 0.300
    9 14200 Poonswagglers 43 2 0.200
    10 16283 The Bar Flies 38 1 0.100
    11 Mike & Mike 7 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker