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  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
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Meet friends, old or new, at The Kinney SLO’s all-new restaurant - Leroy’s. Whether it’s for a bite, a drink or two, or a game, you'll be glad you did. Leroy's offers a laid-back atmosphere for casual drinks and San Luis Obispo dining with plenty of personality.



Beer & Wine on Tap = Glass Half Full


With an ever-rotating selection of the very best local draft beers and Central Coast vintages for red, white, and rosé lovers alike, fill it on up. Our self-serve mode will have you coming back again and again. Build your own flight or simply taste your way to a new found favorite. Check back regularly for our monthly featured pours, always available by the ounce!


Games on Games


For that one friend who always brings up that one time, we say challenge accepted. From vintage Skee-Ball to Connect Four to Scrabble, winner takes all. Enjoy plenty of indoor action, or take things outside on The Quad for even more fun.


Not Your Average Bar Food


Our San Luis Obispo restaurant near downtown offers an array of made-to-order dishes designed to satisfy from sunrise to last call. Executive Chef Adam Measurall puts an elevated twist on pub-style classics with house favorites like our Smoked Bacon IPA Mac n' Cheese, Molasses SLO Brined 1/2 Chicken, and Farmer's Market Chop Salad. Need a recommendation? Just ask. Leroy's is open daily for breakfast, and dinner.



Wed Jan 15 2020
| by Quizmaster Stefan Thom

What an evening - the place was PACKED! Packed with fun, packed with laughs and packed with TRIVIA.


Round 1

  • Favorite moment: When someone answered that I was the Miami Vice star that plays Richard Drysdale in Knives Out....

Round 2

  • Favorite moment: I guess the Bears and Broncos jerseys are kinda similar....

Round 3

  • Favorite moment: "WHICH TYPE OF PLANES IS IT THOUGH?" - I'm sure all will be revealed once I start reading off the questions...

Round 4

  • Favorite moment: Having to get down to the last clue and still one team got it wrong.... John Cusack ventured inside his head many times?!? In a bizarre comedy??

Round 5

  • Favorite moment: "They all begin with consonants"... That is no wrong - but it's not right.

Round 6

  • Favorite moment: Thinking about Rizzo from Grease.

Round 7

  • Favorite moment: The Nanny Diaries?!?!?!


Well done all the teams that came out - great show and really came down to yet another obscure one. Rest up and we'll see you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 23922 Jalapeño Business 65 12 1.000
2 19372 The SLO Moes & Bros 61 11 0.917
3 Ask Something We Know 60 10 0.833
4 19702 Impeachment 53 9 0.750
5 22213 Todd’s Champions 45 8 0.667
6 Happy Birthday Emily 43 7 0.583
7 23772 The spirit of the bottle nose dolphin 42 5 0.458
7 21847 The Cheese Kurds 42 5 0.458
9 Flat Earthers 40 4 0.333
10 24658 Channel 6 news team 39 3 0.250
11 Taking Care of Quizness 32 2 0.167
12 Root Stock 19 0 0.042
12 Gizmos 19 0 0.042