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Brewer and Co-Owner, Patrick Dunn, began as an avid beer lover and home brewer who exited the film industry to follow his passion and open Lincoln Beer Company in 2014.  Starting in just his garage in Los Angeles, he brewed with a mission to bring well-balanced and unique flavor profiles to the masses. With only a year of commercial brewing under his belt, Patrick is navigating the craft beer industry and its consumers and producing a number of unfiltered IPAs, pale ales and even a habanero vanilla red. 



Thu Jul 19 2018
| by Quizmaster Darrel Haynes

We had an interesting game tonight, full of shakeups & a very odd round 3, where all but 2 of the teams successfully doubled.

Compound Crew were in the lead for most of the 1st half, getting 2 doubles in a row! However, they wouldn't get another double for the rest of the game & they sail into 3rd, taking the bronze!

Hodge Podge was at it again, getting 2 doubles in the 1st half! They stayed on the tail of Compound Crew, passing them in round 5. They weren't home free though as another rival were suddenly on their tail in round 6. Unfortunately for Hodge Podge, they lose the duel to this new rival, but still end in 2nd, taking the silver!

That rival I mentioned before? Well, that would be none other than Quizzin' for the Lord, who had a very quiet 1st half. As the game went on, they hit another gear ignited by a brilliant round 4, in which they were the only team to earn the full 10 points (no other team even got 8 points). The difference maker happened in round 6, where a perfectly timed double put them a point behind 1st. They were victorious in the duel that was round 7 & with a photo finish take 1st! They earn the gold & are the champions of the night!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14089 Quizzin' for the Lord 62 10 1.000
2 12782 Hodge Podge 61 9 0.900
3 15207 Compound crew 57 8 0.800
4 Glenn Close but No Cigar 50 7 0.700
5 The Yetis 42 6 0.600
6 15579 Percolators 39 5 0.500
7 15396 Helen Keller's Book Club 38 4 0.400
8 Shortbus 22 3 0.300
9 FLYER FAITHFUL 21 2 0.200
10 Purple Kia 14 1 0.100
11 Baby Sitter's Club 2 0 0.000