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Since the 9th century, the Viking longship has been a symbol and a vessel of exploration, trade, and cultural exchange. The pride of the nordic people was their ability to cross the oceans in ways that no other people had done before. With the curiosity of the unknown, this guided them to uncover the world's riches, solidifying their place in history. 



It is this same drive of exploration that fills the sails of Longship Brewery.  We strive to seek out daring and bold ingredients and style combinations. Pushing the limits in order to create uniquely strong smooth flavors with a fearless determination to uncover new lands. Join us on our journey as we at Longship Brewery sail into the foamy unknown.


Tue Jun 5 2018
| by Quizmaster Tonya Armenakis

It was a slow night, my guess is that everyone decided to drink at home after paying the high rent and mortgage payments we all have in California.

There were only seven teams on the night, two created by me before the game started. One guy at the bar, which I called John the Magnificent. Trivia can be hard with only one brain and he placed really well, so kudos to John, hopefully he creates his own team in the future and soars through the king trivia world.

Three of the teams jumped out to big leads with their double or nothing bets in the first round. All feeling very confident about the general knowledge round.

The Blue Barracudas team, who usually finishs in the top three, decided to bet double or nothing in the final three straight rounds, costing them many points as they missed a few on each.

Team Pickle Rick hit on two double or nothing rounds and was pretty consistent on the other rounds giving them the win on the night with a total of 79 points. Congrats to team Pickle Rick.

Team Did we Win and Norse Code weren't far behind in second and third with 65 and 61 points, with Norse Code not ever using the double or nothing on a round and Did we Win, hitting on it twice.

I did a free drink round, the best drawing of my dog Chloe, who I brought to trivia. Team Smartie Panties had the best one and took home the free flight of beer. I will continue to come up with creative ways each week for the free flight of beer, everyone loves free beer.

I hope to see more teams next week as we make more drinking money in the next week.

Until then, Nanu nanu!


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 12750 Pickle Rick !! 79 6 1.000
2 13809 Did We Win? 65 5 0.833
3 14112 NORSE CODE 61 4 0.667
4 13963 Smartie Panties 37 3 0.500
5 John the Magnificent 36 2 0.333
6 14348 Blue Barracudas 27 1 0.167
7 Two Dudes at the Bar 13 0 0.000