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  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 8:00pm
About Pineapple Hill Saloon (Wednesday)

Pineapple Hill Saloon & Grill is the locals' destination for enjoying a refreshing beer, gathering with friends, or watching the game.



Wed Jan 24 2018
| by Quizmaster Rebekah Fear

On Wednesday there were several regular teams but also some new ones, such as the suggestively-named Put My Meat Where Your Mouth is.

The night started off a little conservatively with no doubles.

In round 2, Just the Tip doubled unsuccessfully. Lucky Seven doubled unsuccessfully in Round 3. Put My Meat Where Your Mouth Is shortened their name in this round to My Meat Your Mouth. 

Round 5 finally saw some successful doubles by Gazpacho, The 3rd Placers, and Just the Tip.

Round 6 saw some should-have-doubleds. But the standout was My Meat Your Mouth shortening their name even further to simply Meat Mouth.

Going into Round 7 it was a tight race to see who would get third place. The Third Placers (aptly named since they keep coming in 3rd place) were just 1 point behind We Try. Ultimately, We Try stayed ahead and ousted the Third Placers from winning 3rd place.


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10065 Gazpacho 68 8 1.000
2 Just the Tip 54 7 0.875
3 We Try 51 6 0.750
4 The 3rd Placers 50 5 0.625
5 The Cunning Stunts 37 4 0.500
6 ! 33 3 0.375
7 Put My Meat Where Your Mouth Is 31 2 0.250
8 Lucky Seven 23 1 0.125
9 Frenchies Minus 1 20 0 0.000