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Wed May 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Rebekah Fear

Wednesday I went to the Happiest Place on Earth, and the day only got better from there as we played a fun game of trivia.

No one doubled on round 1, but Gazpacho doubled in round 2, and stayed ahead in the game from that moment on.

It was a close game for second between the other 5 teams until round 5 where Ketchup and Touchy Feely pulled ahead with successful doubles. Round 6 saw 4 unsuccessful doubles which set everyone back (Ketchup was the only successful one, and Gazpacho smartly did not double).

Round 7 saw two successful doubles by 3's Company and Touchy Feely, propelling Touchy Feely solidly in 3rd. Ketchup came in 2nd and no surprise, Gazpacho came in 1st.

For the drinking round, we had our own version of the Facebook "Florida Man" Challenge (a little belated, I know). What you do is google "Florida Man" and your birthdate, and the teams had to turn in the best one. 3's Company won with their headline "Florida man claims 3 syringes found up rectum aren't his."

I'm looking forward to next week. Maybe someone will finally take down Gazpacho...!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10065 Gazpacho 84 5 1.000
2 Ketchup 68 3 0.700
2 11320 Touchy feely 68 3 0.700
4 Professor Hulk and His Bannermen 54 2 0.400
5 3's Company 43 1 0.200
6 16982 I F*cked My Therapist 38 0 0.000