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Tue Jun 19 2018
| by Quizmaster Mike A

Fartin' Van Buren blasted its way to victory on an unseasonably chilly evening!

The heaters were out in full force, and it was a tough battle for the top three, which had Paper, Snow, A Ghost! finish in second, with Wasted Seamen a few points bad. Kudos for sticking in there (pun possibly intended), and coming through in the last couple rounds!

Tough break for Trumps Space Cadet Force, finishing just ONE point behind, missing out on a potential tiebreaker.

Bogie, the Man, and Company, along with the UnderDawgs, couldn't string together enough solid rounds to place, but still did pretty well!

The trio of Unsolicited Duck Pics barely outperformed the US Mens Soccer Team (who also didn't qualify), and edged out regulars Pretty Faces, Tiny Wieners.

Finally, Stevie Balls, who did not enter until the 3rd round, did pretty well for a solo squad. In fact, he even won the drinking round, and he was able to tell us who the winner of past World Cups werel. Congrats!

See you all next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10773 Fartin' Van Buren 55 9 1.000
2 Paper, Snow, A Ghost! 51 8 0.889
3 10237 Wasted Seamen 47 7 0.778
4 10705 Trumps Space Force Cadets 46 6 0.667
5 12336 Bogie, the Man, and Company 45 4 0.500
5 10248 The UnderDawgs 45 4 0.500
7 Unsolicited Duck Pics 34 3 0.333
8 US Mens Soccer Team 30 2 0.222
9 14898 Pretty faces tiny wieners 26 1 0.111
10 Stevie Balls 19 0 0.000