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Tue May 7 2019
| by Quizmaster BJ Grip

A moment of silence was not held tonight for the death of BJ's printer as it passed at a very inopportune moment and, therefore, should not be remembered.

After a bit of a late start that was miraculously saved by a close-by FedEx Office store, our Tuesday Night of Fun (TM) at Slater's got under way! Tonight saw the return of the Slater Gators from a few weeks back who, after some gentle persuasion and arm-twisting from yours truly, agreed to give it another stab. I'll let them speak on behalf of their results, but they did win the award for Most Fun was self-awarded, but still!

There were some hilariously perplexing answers tonight that threw everyone for a loop. For one, watching everyone use their fingers to figure out what the seventh prime number was brought us all back to elementary school. And getting the answer for the Apple command key in the Round 2 pictures elicited an obvious "OHHHH!" from all of the teams. That was the same sound I made when I looked at the answers, despite the fact that I've used said key several times already to write this very recap!

But it wasn't until the smooching round...sorry, Round 5, that the actual lessons were delivered since almost no one knew the word "osculation", which, apart from geometry, literally means "kissing". That and the song Funkytown was stuck in all of our heads...even though none of us knew who the heck sang it.

I've also finally found the Achilles heel for our house team: Mike Tyson's Speech School. And that is THEATRE. Despite a valiant guess of "The Prince of Tits Out", they were not able to identify The Phantom of the Opera and that was what ultimately cost toppled them from their throne and gave first place to Baby Cheezes.

Props to La Meridia for coming in third after trying out the game! They are not pictured because they had to leave in a hurry, but they also received a gift card. They made things close with a last minute rally in Round 7 by guessing the most amount of blockbuster movie stars out of all of the teams.

And special shout out to all of the teams for getting every question right in Round 3! Only two teams Double or Nothing'd, but it was great to see all of the shared knowledge in the room.

Thanks for a great night, all! See you next week!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Baby Cheezes 46 3 1.000
2 15676 Mike Tyson's Speech School 41 2 0.667
3 La Meridia 40 1 0.333
4 Slater Gators 28 0 0.000