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Tue May 21 2019
| by Quizmaster BJ Grip

Turns out I can get a job as a town crier (are those still a thing?...I'm gonna go with "yes") since I had to use my stage voice tonight due to a mix-up with the PA system! Hopefully people didn't mind me yelling questions at them, but if Billy Eichner can get away with it then so can I!

Points-wise, it looks like not using a microphone actually helped our house team, Mike Tyson's Speech School, since this was one of their highest-scoring nights yet! They got the ball rolling with a Round 1 Double or Nothing and nobody could catch up to them. Both they and Area 51 used a DoN on the infamous Round 5 by gambling on Monopoly, which paid off! You two can pass Go and collect $200!

In other news, tragedy struck a few teams throughout the night as well as myself. I incorrectly read off "savages" as "sausages", which brought shame unto my house when I was later jokingly accosted by said group of savages. The Baby Cheezes mistakenly wrote down "Francis Scott Key" in our Guess Who round rather than F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author's namesake, even though they knew the right answer! And finally, many teams learned the hard way that the Dallas Cowboys did not play in any Super Bowl between 1980-1989...which prevented a few DoN's from happening.

But in the end, good news was bestowed upon Mike Tyson's Speech School, who took home first place by a wide margin! Second place went to Area 51, who were a team I met during my training night over six months ago. And third place went to Hoof Hearted, who used their daughter's cuteness to win over the hearts of the surrounding teams (just look at that picture!).

Have a great week, everyone! And while you're waiting for next week's game, check out these great movies recommended to me by Area 51: Titanic 2: Return of the Cage, starring Nicolas Cage; and Pineapple Express 2: Saul's Revenge. Both of them won the Palme d'Or at Cannes, if you didn't know!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15676 Mike Tyson's Speech School 72 6 1.000
2 13300 Area 51 55 5 0.833
3 Hoof Hearted 33 4 0.667
4 Baby Cheezes 28 3 0.500
5 It's My Birthday 27 2 0.333
6 Turbo 15 1 0.167
7 20024 savages 12 0 0.000