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    The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Santa Monica

    395 Santa Monica Pl Ste 304
    Santa Monica CA 90401
    (424) 271-2915
    About The Dudes' Brewing Co. - Santa Monica



    The Dudes’ Brewing Company is a Torrance-based craft brewery founded in 2013. The Dudes’ specialize in innovative approaches to classic beer styles designed to appeal to casual beer drinkers and craft beer fanatics alike. The Dudes’ current offerings include: Double Trunk Double IPA, CalifornIPA, Grandma’s Pecan English Style Brown, JuiceBox Series: Blood Orange Amber, JuiceBox Series: Peach Berliner Weisse, Bohemian Hopsody Session IPA, The WRug White Russian Imperial Stout, Kölschtal Eddy Blonde Ale, Surfrider American Pale Ale as well as other seasonal offerings.


    Enjoy! If you would like to learn more about the people that make the Dudes’ brews possible, you’re out of luck because it’s not about us, it’s about our brews, dude.



    Thu Jan 23 2020
    | by Quizmaster Kimberly Ostiller

    Trivia was a hit at The Dudes last night! We had 10 teams with more than 35 players. Not going to lie, the questions were a bit tricky, but they weren't too challenging for our brilliant minds. We had a nice showing of newbies, as well as our veteran players.

    Our teams won some more fabulous Dudes merch. They rocked their hats and sunglasses, embodying the true California spirit.

    I won't be hosting next week, but definitely come to meet our guest host. I'll be back the week after - thanks!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 10064 Streets of Rage 44 9 1.000
    2 10172 No Pants Party 42 8 0.889
    3 24942 The Girth Worms 35 7 0.778
    4 Team Bam’d 34 6 0.667
    5 12662 RIP Tina Marie Carter 28 5 0.556
    6 Team Pisello 27 4 0.444
    7 18645 #Turnip 25 3 0.333
    8 Off the Cuff 20 2 0.222
    9 18993 Quiz in my pants 13 0 0.056
    9 Tight Pants 13 0 0.056