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    • PUB QUIZ—Thursdays @ 7:30pm
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    The Lion & Crown Pub, an English-style pub with a large and varied menu, is open seven days a week from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. serving lunch, dinner and daily specials. The pub also offers a wide selection of fine wines and 38 beers on tap. Guests can watch sporting events on one of the many large TV screens or enjoy a nice night out on the patio. Different drink specials are available every day and live music on Friday and Saturday.


    Thu Oct 3 2019
    | by Quizmaster Louis Roth

    What can I tell you about Thursday night's King Trivia Pub Quiz at the Lion &
    Crown in Allen, TX? Lots! That's what!

    Item 1: We had four, count 'em, four newbie teams! Welcome to Team Ram Rod,
    The Divas, Rubber Duckies and Ummm... Hope to see you back!

    Item 2: In the Return of the Prodigal Quiz Team Dept., a big "Where ya been?"
    to the Hernandi, IFFY! and the Bastard Barristers! What's happenin', brotha?
    Oh, and especially to Stealth Texas and Tito! Hey guys! Hey! Ha ha!

    Item 3: Billy from Ship It! recovered from an illness and returned to action
    with Blood, Bath & Beyond, capturing third place in the bargain. Nice goin',

    Item 4: Beer Logic. Because... Well, just because!

    Item 5: Drama! Oh, the drama. We had enough drama that it required huge doses
    of Dramamine! Street Smarts and Bastard Barristers duked it out for a first
    place tie. (Street Smarts won the tie breaker...)

    Item 6: Unable to resist revealing that Pumpernickel can be translated to the
    "devil's f@rt", Quiz Master Lou was amazed to find out how many folks already
    knew that fact! Except for one team, who put down Dave's Famous Bread... Note
    to self: Avoid Dave's Famous Bread in future.

    Item 7: One team's addendum to the Blue Bell ice cream answer in round two was;
    aka G-d's gift to Texas!


    Item 9: Have a great weekend!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1* 17240 STREET SMARTS! 52 9 0.950
    1 12845 Bastard Barristers 52 9 0.950
    3 12732 Deadly Alliance 51 8 0.800
    4 21946 Hernandi 50 7 0.700
    5 12021 StealthTexas 49 6 0.600
    6 11581 Beer Logic 48 5 0.500
    7 23059 Team Ramrod 42 4 0.400
    8 23060 The divas 41 3 0.300
    9 12092 IFFY! 23 2 0.200
    10 Rubber Duckies 22 1 0.100
    11 Ummm... 13 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker