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"A British pub so legitimate that British people actually frequent it, Woodland Hills' White Harte Pub is also popular with everyone from the just-turned-21 crowd to the middle-aged happy hour set."



Tue Jun 4 2019
| by Quizmaster Adam Hardie

What a fantastic night at The White Hatre! In my opinion tonight's quiz was pretty damn hard, but my players powered through and there were WAY more doubles than I expected! Bu then, I only seem smart because the answers are printed for me. You guys are the actual geniuses!

In tonight's "What's a Motto With You?" Drinking Round, I had teams come up with a motto or slogan for their team. We had some funny ones like "We're not the worst!" and "I got it from my mama, who's also bad at trivia!" But our winning motto went to Eddie and the Cruisers with "The more you drink, the better our name sounds!" ... From my recaps and the top 3 in the drinking round, I guess you can tell I enjoy self-deprecating humor... But that's because I suck! *awkward face*

In tonight's main thoroughfare! My regular winning teams whom I post about almost every week were bested by three newcomers! (At least to my show.)

In 3rd place, James Holzhauer! Who, unlike their namesake, may not have set a trivia record, but with a 10 point answer in the "Guess Who" round and a perfect double the final round, claimed a coveted gift certificate!

As I've stated before, I'm not the brightest tool in the barrel. So, sometimes I have to google team names to find witty remarks about them... I believe our 2nd place "team" Sheffield Tuesday pays homage to the original pub quiz, and impressed the hell out of me with a perfect score in round 6, followed by a perfect double in round 7! ALL BY HIMSELF!

Tonight's Champions! With a perfect score in round 2, a perfect double in round 3, and another perfect score in round 6! Proving to me that I was COMPLETELY wrong about mumble rappers being dumb... Quiz Khalifa! I apologize for my misconceptions and will now reevaluate my life.

I love you guys, seriously! I had so much fun, thank you so much!

Congrats to our winners! Thank you ALL so much for playing! Please join me right here, same bat time, same bat channel! (The White Harte, Tuesdays @ 8pm) This is your friendly neighborhood Quizmaster signing off!

-Adam \m/(>.<)\m/


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14980 Quiz Khalifa 58 8 1.000
2 14196 Sheffield Tuesday 55 7 0.875
3 20306 James Holzhauer 50 6 0.750
4 18586 Trivia Vixens 47 5 0.625
5 The Regulars 44 4 0.500
6 19931 Parks and Wrecked 41 3 0.375
7 18051 Eddie and the Cruisers 35 2 0.250
8 12618 Team Artemis 28 1 0.125
9 Los Powers & the Giannini's 14 0 0.000