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    About Twisted Sage Cafe

    Twisted Sage Cafe opened its doors in March of 2011.  A warm and inviting family-owned business, Twisted Sage is continually changing and adapting to our customers’ needs.

    TSC is committed to providing a high level of service in a relaxed atmosphere, with a twist on traditional sandwiches, burgers, salads, made from scratch soups and fresh baked pastries.

    The easy-going, casual atmosphere and quick-service ordering accommodates the on-the-go customer as well as those wanting to sit and relax. We also accommodate local businesses with easy pre-order, delivery, and catering services.  TSC offers pet-friendly outdoor seating and water bowls for our furry friends, as well!

    Come become a part of our “twisted” family!  We’d love to have you here.

    *Our dedication to “green” practices has led us to use reclaimed woods, recycled paper goods, bags, handmade mugs, and energy efficient appliances in our cafe.


    Fri Aug 16 2019
    | by Quizmaster FIONA CUMMINGS

    Friday night at Twisted Sage was definitely not Dull or Boring (Twin cities in Scotland and Oregon respectively per the Facebook Question of the day).

    My favorite question was in the first round - "what decade did Halley's comet last appear" - tough to remember the 1980's at this point!

    An impressive knowledge of Muppets and in rounds 3 and 5 allowed Smart but not in that way to take and maintain a solid lead. Not Dead Pest knew an impressive number of Coen Bros movies since 1999....but not enough to double down...

    My special thanks to my Australian cousin Liz for her Aussie Slang beer round - fair dinkum mate!


    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 19310 Smart - but not in that way 59 4 1.000
    2 17771 Not Dead Pest 48 3 0.750
    3 Slingo 43 2 0.500
    4 Roxanne 25 1 0.250
    5 TGIF 24 0 0.000