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At King Trivia, the safety or our players and Quizmasters is of the utmost importance. This is no less true as states and counties across the US begin to reopen, and live pub quiz returns to venues nationwide. Whether you are a player, a venue owner, or a Quizmaster, We are committed to bringing you a safe and fun game that is also friendly to Covid guidelines in your area.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  • We’ve done away with quizbooks and pens in favor of contactless scoring at most venues. No materials need to change hands, and all questions can be answered from a phone!
  • Our game is formatted to accommodate social distancing. This means there is no reason for players to get out of their seat or have close contact with the Quizmaster.
  • King Trivia Quizmasters follow all posted safety guidelines while in venue. This goes for state and county guidelines, as well as any rules specific to the venue.

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