By: Mary Gillett On: July 26, 2016 In: Featured News, Sales Comments: 0

Since 2004, King Trivia® has operated over 65,000 events and has developed a formula for success that works time and again.

King Trivia’s® goal is to boost your profits and your bottom line by:

  1. Lengthening the stay and increasing the dollars spent by your existing clients.
  2. Attracting new customers during otherwise slower nights of the week.
  3. Having those new customers become “regulars” who think of your place the next time they go out.

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$54,000 Annual Advertising Budget

At King Trivia®, we set a marketing budget for every new client.  As of 2021 we are spending in excess of $254,000 annually to attract new players to our clients’ venues and to insure the success of each new client.

Using Google & Social Media Pay-Per-Click marketing we customize each ad to attract the ideal demographics for each individual client.

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At King Trivia® we painstakingly track the details of our performance at each venue. We have found that on average we fill 98% of available tables at our events and that 85% of people at each event play on a weekly basis.

Our Cohesive Branding and POS includes custom Posters, Table Tents, Pens, and Quiz Books that make the game flow smoothly.

Cohesive King Trivia Branding helps get the word out and fill seats at your location.

What Our Clients are Saying

“One of the keys to success in our business is consistency.  King Trivia® brings great hosts and a fun trivia concept consistently every week, adding another great reason for our customers to come in and spend their money at our restaurants.  Now we get a solid revenue boost on every night that we feature King Trivia®.”

AJ Asher: Director of Operations
Barney’s Beanery – Los Angeles, Ca