By: Mary Gillett On: July 21, 2016 In: King Trivia Cares, News, Sales Comments: 0

Are you on a quest to make the world a better place? Are you looking to raise money and boost awareness for a local charity, non-profit group, unfunded school program or other worthwhile special project? King Trivia® Cares!

King Trivia® events are a perfect tool for raising awareness and raising funds. By holding your event at a King Trivia® show, you’ll tap into our extensive community of culturally attuned players, and we’ll help spread the word by promoting your fundraiser throughout our empire. Best of all, there are no fees involved! At King Trivia®, we’re all about the philanthropy.

How it Works:
We offer two different options for your fund-raising event. 

  • In Person Your fundraiser will take place in tandem with a regular King Trivia® event. King Trivia® games are free to play, but those who opt to support your cause will make a pre-determined contribution (typically $5-$15 per player) from which a small amount (we recommend 10%) is set aside as a prize for the winning team. That’s it! All remaining funds go to the sponsoring organization. 
  • Online Your fundraiser can be a personalized and fun virtual trivia night for all your donors to raise money for your organization. We have a Quizmaster and staff dedicated to helping your event run smoothly via Zoom. All donations from the private Zoom trivia go to your organization. 

Scheduling a King Trivia® Cares in-person event is easy. All we need from you is a commitment to bring at least 20 (or more) players grouped into 5 (or more) teams. We’ll do our best to accommodate specific scheduling requests, and will work with you to determine the best location and timing. King Trivia® gets to make the final decision on what location may be used for your King Trivia® CARES event.

A Few Other Notes:

  • Regular King Trivia® players will be encouraged – but not required – to participate in your effort. They will not be excluded from the game even if they choose not to donate. However, players are only eligible to win your special prize pot if they contributed.
  • King Trivia® Cares requires event sponsors to designate a staff member for in person events to assist in collecting contributions, help with scoring (if necessary) and distribute winnings.
  • Event sponsors are required to provide printed literature about the purpose of their fundraising effort to be distributed at the event.
  • King Trivia® Cares in person events utilize our standard game format and content at our regular weekly shows. Online events can be customized per your request. For other options and special requests, please check out our PRIVATE EVENTS page.

Ready to get started? Use the form to begin the process. A member of the King Trivia® CARES team will contact you soon to discuss details and schedule your event.

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