King Trivia collects a small amount of identifying information from its registered users and shares some of that information with our partners in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You can use the form below to:

  • Request a detailed report of the Personal Information King Trivia Inc. has collected from you and how it’s used.
  • Request an opt-out of any information sharing between King Trivia Inc. and its partners.
  • Request the removal of your personal information from our databases entirely.

King Trivia relies on some information (such as name and email address) in order to provide its online services to registered players. Please understand that the removal of any such information from our database would necessarily result in the deactivation of your account.

    Please check only the boxes that apply to your request:

    • I request a report of what personal information King Trivia Inc. has collected from me, how that information is used, and who that information is shared with.

    • I request to opt-out of allowing King Trivia Inc. from sharing my personal information with its partners.

    • I request King Trivia Inc to remove my personal information from and understand that such an action would delete my account as well as preclude participation in League Play or King Trivia's $10,000 Tournament of Champions unless I re-register on