After the successful addition of Survey Slam, we have added another event to our menu of entertainment options: Music Bingo by King Trivia!

We play fun, lively music and add an element of competition. Much like Trivia and Survey Slam, the game materials will be digital. Players will have a bingo card on their phones filled with song titles and musical artists. Portions of each song will be played, the artist and song title will be announced (so this isn’t “name that tune”- but those who know the answers quickly will have an advantage).

We totally invite you to sing along to your favorites! Have you ever sung “Don’t Stop Believin'” with a crowd of music lovers at your favorite bar? We highly recommend it.

Our Music Bingo is as energetic, engaging, and approachable as our Pub Quizzes, with playlists being curated for all occasions and tastes.

Want Music Bingo for private event?