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We’re not your average sports bar here at 33 Taps. We’re a full service neighborhood restaurant with an intense focus on our people, our food, and of course our beverage. We believe in offering our guests the best product at the best possible price, and always with a smile. It’s that simple.

Freshness and sustainability are also very important to us. We pride ourselves on serving fresh “made from scratch” food that’s never frozen, and sourced locally whenever possible. We strive to use environmentally friendly products and supplies across our entire business.

So, what’s with the 33? The number 33 is more than just a number. The end of Prohibition in 1933 signaled great times ahead. To honor that significant milestone in our country’s history, we decided to offer a rotating draft system of 33 great beers. Our tap handles pour a mixture of local craft brews, as well as some very well-known domestics and imports. There’s definitely a beer on tap for everyone.

Whether you want to kick off a night with friends, simply relax with a beer, have a great meal, or watch the big game - we’ve got you covered! We can’t wait for the opportunity to serve you!



Wed Sep 22 2021
| by Quizmaster Denisse Bon

It was a packed night at 33 Taps on Wednesday, all there for their King Trivia fix! We had 16 teams join us for the fun this week, including regular teams that had been MIA, and returning champs to protect their title. By Round Six, double or nothings were flying all over the place, but it was Curieux who clinched a lead doubling on Round Five, and ended up in first place with 68 points. This team had been working their way to the top, and maybe it was the two week break they took, but they finally made it to the first place, and I got the honor to be included in their winning portrait. What a way to make a come-back, Curieux! In second place was Boom, Still Got It, and I validate that. Their final score was 55 which was just one point ahead of third place, which ended up in a tie! Boom won second by a nose, while I had to release the Round Eight Kraken to settle the tie between Trivia is Cancelled Thanks Everyone Please Go Home and We Did It Joe for third. Trivia is Cancelled... answered the closest and broke the tie! Not far behind those two was last week's champs The Codependency Crew who were set back by a flat tire when they missed Q10 and had doubled down during Round Five. That didn't stop them from guessing the closest answer and winning the Drink Round though, cheers mates! 

It was a very close game over all, every team played a very great game! It was not easy to see who would be receiving prizes, it was evident in the final scores the way the rest of the teams were also just a couple points apart from each other. Congratulations, everyone, and thank you for playing!

Thank you 33 Taps for providing a fun and safe place for all of us to enjoy our beloved King Trivia. We love you, and will see you again next week! 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 32372 Curieux 68 15 1.000
2 34375 Boom, still got it 55 14 0.933
3* 34373 Trivia is cancelled thanks everyone please go home 54 12 0.833
3 34380 We Did It Joe 54 12 0.833
5 29438 The Codependency Crew 50 11 0.733
6 34383 gay rights 49 10 0.667
7 34384 And In First Place… 47 9 0.600
8 22289 BoxAngeles.com 45 8 0.533
9 34374 Fupa finder dot com 43 7 0.467
10 32659 Shrinks with drinks 38 6 0.400
11 34370 And the winner is 37 5 0.333
12 34371 The Gang Does Trivia 36 4 0.267
13 34385 The Crystal Methodists 33 3 0.200
14 34386 Chonky Kat 28 2 0.133
15 33496 Deerpiglets 14 1 0.067
16 34361 The Plain White T’s 8 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker