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We’re not your average sports bar here at 33 Taps. We’re a full service neighborhood restaurant with an intense focus on our people, our food, and of course our beverage. We believe in offering our guests the best product at the best possible price, and always with a smile. It’s that simple.

Freshness and sustainability are also very important to us. We pride ourselves on serving fresh “made from scratch” food that’s never frozen, and sourced locally whenever possible. We strive to use environmentally friendly products and supplies across our entire business.

So, what’s with the 33? The number 33 is more than just a number. The end of Prohibition in 1933 signaled great times ahead. To honor that significant milestone in our country’s history, we decided to offer a rotating draft system of 33 great beers. Our tap handles pour a mixture of local craft brews, as well as some very well-known domestics and imports. There’s definitely a beer on tap for everyone.

Whether you want to kick off a night with friends, simply relax with a beer, have a great meal, or watch the big game - we’ve got you covered! We can’t wait for the opportunity to serve you!



Wed Nov 10 2021
| by Quizmaster Denisse Bon

What do you get when you add 33 Taps, 17 competative teams, sprinkled with King Trivia, on a Wednesday night? A heck of a good time, that's what! The loyal community of Silverlake filled up the place for delicious food, drinks, and their KT fix. 

Gigi G Unit went full throttle Rounds Five, Six, and Seven and passing the rest, they claimed the third place prize. With a whopping score of 80 points, Gigi G Unit received a $10 GC for their next visit. Curieux and The Codependency Crew had different journeys on their way to victory, but ended up in a tie with a high score of 86 points. With the trusty Round Eight, we were able to break the tie and The Codependency Crew took first place title with a $20 GC attached. They also snagged the pitcher of beer trophy on the Drink Round, double win for The Codependency Crew! Curieux was awarded a $15 GC for their second place win, and reclaimed their spot on the leaderboard. Welcome back, Curieux!

It was great to see our familiar teams, and new teams join us for the fun. Thank you, and congratulations to all! Thank you 33 Taps, see you next Wednesday!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1* 29438 The Codependency Crew 86 15 0.969
1 32372 Curieux 86 15 0.969
3 39456 Gigi G Unit 80 14 0.875
4 22289 BoxAngeles.com 74 13 0.813
5 35421 Here for the Beer 72 12 0.750
6 39447 Team: Taylor’s Version 67 11 0.688
7 34375 Boom, still got it 58 10 0.625
8 39465 herd of prii 53 9 0.563
9 32364 M&M 52 8 0.500
10 39442 To Kill a Sunrise 47 7 0.438
11 39467 Drawing a Blank 42 6 0.375
12 39457 Red Light Green Light 40 5 0.313
13 39438 TGI FREEKIES 37 3 0.219
13 19045 Beach Boyz II Men 37 3 0.219
15 38659 da hinterheäûxs 34 2 0.125
16 39439 The Klumpy Fernandos 25 1 0.063
17 39446 Whatever’s clever 11 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker