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We’re not your average sports bar here at 33 Taps. We’re a full service neighborhood restaurant with an intense focus on our people, our food, and of course our beverage. We believe in offering our guests the best product at the best possible price, and always with a smile. It’s that simple.

Freshness and sustainability are also very important to us. We pride ourselves on serving fresh “made from scratch” food that’s never frozen, and sourced locally whenever possible. We strive to use environmentally friendly products and supplies across our entire business.

So, what’s with the 33? The number 33 is more than just a number. The end of Prohibition in 1933 signaled great times ahead. To honor that significant milestone in our country’s history, we decided to offer a rotating draft system of 33 great beers. Our tap handles pour a mixture of local craft brews, as well as some very well-known domestics and imports. There’s definitely a beer on tap for everyone.

Whether you want to kick off a night with friends, simply relax with a beer, have a great meal, or watch the big game - we’ve got you covered! We can’t wait for the opportunity to serve you!



Wed Nov 17 2021
| by Quizmaster Denisse Bon

Make some room, 33 Taps, our loyal community of Silverlake is ready for their King Trivia fix! With 18 teams joining us for the fun this Wednesday evening, it was great to see teams that have been working so hard to make it to the top, finally claim their stake at the prize. 

After our seven official rounds were through, tie-breaking Round Eight was unleashed to break a tie of 75 points between second and third place. Chicken Nuggets ended up in third place and were awarded a $10 GC for their next visit. Therefore second place went to BoxAngeles.com who were due a win someday, and it finally came! A $15 GC was given as a result of their hard work, way to go, team. In first place, please excuse the tear in my eye, but our faithful team Trey Dongz finally did it. Just last week I had shared about them landing in fourth place for the past three weeks. Well their patience and loyatly paid off, and I finally got to see them make it to the very top. Trey Dongz, I am both proud and inspired by you. Keep up the great work, and now on to defend your title! A $20 GC was bestowed for their tremendous triumph. 

I am one lucky QuizMaster, I have to say. I had the chance to witness one of the coolest scenes of sportsmanship I have seen in a long time. After our Drink Round, the winners M&M, another one of our loyal 33 Taps teams, went and shared their trophy, a pitcher of beer, with Spring Break Bro! which was runner up. They didn't have to, yet they did. So, how lucky am I to get to host for such great players like that? Very much so. Congratulations, and cheers!

Thank you all for playing, and thank you 33 Taps for being such a wonderful third place for us to gather for a good time and great food. 33 Taps and I will be here for you as the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, we hope to see you again next week. 

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 25527 Trey Dongz 79 17 1.000
2 22289 BoxAngeles.com 75 15 0.912
2 34765 CHICKEN NUGGETS 75 15 0.912
4 40365 Curieux 73 14 0.824
5 40339 FBC FBC 70 13 0.765
6 40345 The Gandrews 69 12 0.706
7 40350 Booster Shart 67 11 0.647
8 40353 Glenn Close But No Cigar 64 10 0.588
9 40357 Ginger Brown 57 9 0.529
10 40355 @therealdevonsawa 54 8 0.471
11 40351 Tokillasunrise 52 7 0.412
12 40358 The Old Dogs 46 6 0.353
13 40354 Crypto.com Arena (Taylor’s Version) 44 5 0.294
14 40361 Winky & Pinky 35 3 0.206
14 32364 M&M 35 3 0.206
16 40359 Spring break bro! 30 2 0.118
17 40362 Dogecoin Stadium 23 1 0.059
18 40360 ZAK 16 0 0.000