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Mon Mar 6 2023
| by Quizmaster Jeffrey Waterman

An evenly matched battle royale at 8one8 Brewing this week. Let the games begin. 

A snarky and lively group of KT veterans fought hard and well for the first few rounds, keeping things evenly matched. To shake up our five way tie, players were given a chance to earn some bonus pointage by showing off their twinly knowledge. This proved to be the beginning of a neck in neck race. 

An ill-fated drinking round (ft. guest judge and bar manager Brenna) showed just how little our contestants knew about horror movies, in addition to just how bad our host is at picking drinking games. Oops. Nevertheless, one team pressed on, and team Meat Shield pulled ahead to take the cake, cake, cake. (And beer.)

Ultimately, some early well placed double downs and some clever common bonding gave way to victory for champions The Other Team. Well done, kids. One and all. 

See you next time!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 The other team 75 4 1.000
2 91537 Meat Shield 64 3 0.750
3 80492 Duchess of Shade 62 2 0.500
4 I love chocolate chip cookies 55 1 0.250
5 Mean Girls 33 0 0.000