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Full liquor bar, with 5 beers on tap, pitchers available, 35+ bottled beers, multiple wine choices, , 6 T.V.'S, Diamond pool table, internet juke box.
Outside patio drinking and smoking area, great for all types of parties. BBQ cooking for NFL Sundays. ITS BEEN SAID...."WALK IN A STRANGER AND LEAVE WITH FRIENDS!!" 



Mon Sep 3 2018
| by Quizmaster Ryan Robbins

I was happy to see that just because everyone got a day off for Labor Day, nobody took a night off from trivia. I've always been one to enjoy the significance of a holiday and not just use it as a day to get drunk, but it's tough to appreciate the meaning of Labor Day. Nobody discovered anything, nobody came back from the dead... it's just a day off work. So for tonight's bonus round, I tasked the teams to come up with a new holiday we can replace it with. From this day on, the first Monday of September will now be known as "Drunken Amazon Order Delivery Day". Never again will we celebrate an empty holiday as we now give thanks to our less sober selves who decided that handerpants was a worthwhile purchase. I mean, it's underwear for your hands! Who wouldn't pull the trigger on it after a few beers?

One of our newest regular teams Five Canucks were back in action this week and combined their 2nd place winnings from last week with a 1st place win this time to significantly lower their bill. It was a very close game, but bringing your parents out to quiz night has been a proven strategy for some time. Any team with multigenerational knowledge is bound to hold an advantage.


Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 Five Canucks 81 4 1.000
2 10202 Came for the Hot Dogs, Stayed for the Trivia 80 3 0.750
3 14105 Case of the Mondays 66 2 0.500
4 H-Bomb 64 1 0.250
5 13858 Eternal Moonshine of the Drunken Mind 52 0 0.000