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Trivia every Saturday, and every 3rd Saturday is a Themed Quiz at Angel City Brewery! No advance registration, no ticket sales, prizes are as normal.


In a city known more for its glitz than its grit, Angel City Brewery is proud to rough things up a bit and work beneath the shiny surface. Our home in the Los Angeles Arts District is both brewery and canvas, the center of a revival for the city's artists, musicians, hustlers, and craftspeople. It's an LA that's as ambitious as it is diverse & and our beer is no exception.



Sat Apr 27 2019
| by Quizmaster Joe Martone

This game had everything today. Angel City never ceases to amaze me.

Lots of brilliant teams today, many of whom tripped up doubling in round 2 because they forgot the Ant Bully existed. That's okay though, because just about everybody nailed round 3 (several teams getting a good double in too!)

They played strong all the way into round 6, which naturally lead to an impromptu karaoke session of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Nothing unites people in chorus like a man with a microphone telling them to "Turn Around." You just sang the rest in your head, don't lie. Bonnie Tyler is that powerful.

It was in round 7 that most teams got stumped. No successful doubles there, but we did get a tiebreaker for third that let Meat Cheese Bun Repeat take the bronze. Shout out to LA Express, the one man army who propelled himself to second.

Congrats to our champions, Do You Mind If I Push in Your Stool! Well played, you fought for and earned your victory.

See you later teams!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 18017 Do You Mind If I Push In Your Stool? 57 10 1.000
2 14196 LA Express 49 9 0.900
3* Meat Cheese Bun, Repeat 43 7 0.750
3 The Awesome Team 43 7 0.750
5 19620 Party People 40 6 0.600
6 19621 Not Bad for a Team with No Talent 37 5 0.500
7 19623 Level 6 Vegans 36 4 0.400
8 19012 Okuurrrrrrr 32 3 0.300
9 Hairy Aereolas 29 2 0.200
10 19618 Medbury 25 1 0.100
11 The Bloody Marys 12 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker