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    • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
    About Bar Charlie

    Bar Charlie landed in the North Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle in December 2016. Bar Charlie aims to be a comfortable neighborhood bar featuring beers, food and spirits crafted in the greater Pacific Northwest.

    Bar Charlie's interior concept is inspired by the history of the De Havilland Beaver Seaplane and is a mix of actual seaplane parts, wood, concrete and metal.  The walls have photography and art detailing the history of Seaplanes on Lake Union.


    Bar Charlie was created by Christian Thomason with mentoring and construction assistance from Chris Navarra.


    Bar Charlie evolved out of the desire to do something more than tackle an endless mountain of bureaucratic paperwork.  It’s intended to be a neighborhood gathering spot, a place to unwind with good drinks and food.


    Tue Jun 11 2019
    | by Quizmaster Val Peschel

    We had a great group again this Tuesday for Trivia at Bar Charlie!

    Riff Raff started off strong, scoring 7 points in Round 1 with all their General Knowledgery, while N.A.R.* and Launching Rocket Downtown brought up the rear.

    Up next with the Picture Round, the teams had to grape-el through the purple characters, and N.A.R.* chose the wrong Sailor Moon character, costing them their double-or-nothing gamble.

    Round 3 reminded us all of a childhood jingle, but a few teams forgot their bologna's name was the key to this round's theme. But this allowed The Valcoholics to sing into the lead.

    The Guess Who round (4) this week was caught by 3 of our teams in the first clue, 1 team got it after the second clue, and 1 other team guessed semi-incorrectly - they put down the actor's name instead of the character we were looking for. In this case, we wanted the fictional character.

    But, alas, we moved on into round 5... Find the Connection. Riff Raff came in with all 10 correct answers on this round! However, the most creative connection between the answers came from N.A.R.* - What do the previous 9 answers all have in common? - Things D. Trump has lied about... lol

    The Matching round really secured the lead for The Valcoholics, who went double-or-nothing on their character and author pairings. Riff Raff could have kept up, but didn't commit to the double-down, and thus only scored 10 points on this round, while the Valcoholics took home 20.

    The Final Round was a doozy! The question regarding the FIFA World Cup lead to confusion on whether we were asking for men's or women's teams, and whether clarification if the teams needed to make it to the finals. So while I did some research and recon work, the teams did their best to remain patient and discuss it amongst themselves. In the end, we had two teams go for broke on double-or-nothing, and needed a tie-breaker for 2nd place.

    It was a true nail-biter til the end!

    Final scores brought The Valcoholics home in 1st place, followed by I Pick My Knows, who won the tie-breaking question for 2nd place, and then in 3rd came Riff Raff. Great energy was shared as well by N.A.R.* and Launching Rocket Downtown.

    Thank you all for coming out to play with King Trivia at Bar Charlie! I'll see you again next week!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 19687 The Valcoholics 65 4 1.000
    2* 17594 I Pick My Knows 47 2 0.625
    2 17940 Riff Raff 47 2 0.625
    4 N.A.R.* 36 1 0.250
    5 Launching Rocket Downtown 14 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker