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    3801 Stone Way N Suite D
    Seattle WA 98103
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    • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:00pm
    About Bar Charlie

    Bar Charlie landed in the North Lake Union neighborhood of Seattle in December 2016. Bar Charlie aims to be a comfortable neighborhood bar featuring beers, food and spirits crafted in the greater Pacific Northwest.

    Bar Charlie's interior concept is inspired by the history of the De Havilland Beaver Seaplane and is a mix of actual seaplane parts, wood, concrete and metal.  The walls have photography and art detailing the history of Seaplanes on Lake Union.


    Bar Charlie was created by Christian Thomason with mentoring and construction assistance from Chris Navarra.


    Bar Charlie evolved out of the desire to do something more than tackle an endless mountain of bureaucratic paperwork.  It’s intended to be a neighborhood gathering spot, a place to unwind with good drinks and food.


    Tue Nov 26 2019
    | by Quizmaster Val Peschel

    We started the evening with three of our six teams going double-or-nothing on the first round. Quizlamic State and No Use For a Name both got the double points and Quizlamic State also got their two bonus points for being registered on, while I Was Told There'd Be Tofurkey unfortunately listed Ronald Reagan's Fraternity letters in the wrong order, causing them to gather no points on their double-or-nothing, but at least they still got their 2 points for their team number!

    Love & HipHop Sea-Tac chose the wrong round to go double-or-nothing this week (they should have used it on rounds 1 and 3, but instead used it on round 2, pushing them down into the bottom couple teams).

    Round 3, our Pilgrim Themed round was a pretty good one as far as correct answers, and yet Quizlamic State was the only team to double down, soaring them into the top spot.

    In Round 4, our Guess Where round, we had a few overzealous teams turn in their answers after the first and second clues, before there was really enough information to decipher where we were looking for. Some of the incorrect answers were pretty far off (from each other and the correct answer) - Hudson Bay Company from O.G., Manhattan from I Was Told There'd Be Tofurkey, and The Mall from Love & Hip Hop Sea-Tac. The place we were looking for was Harvard University, for which the three teams that got it, all guessed after the 6 point clue.

    The Fifth Round, this week's Find The Connection round, had a few teams scratching their heads for the connection. But No Use For a Name and Quizlamic State both connected the dots on different types of Sauces - nice work 🙂

    In Round 6, the teams needed to match the Governors to their states, and EVERY TEAM checked that Double-or-Nothing box! Unfortunately, The Winning Team didn't quite live up to their name...

    The Final Round was a close one. We were looking for the 9 UN Member States whose names begin with the letter "P". While 2 teams went for the final double-or-nothing, only Love & HipHop Sea-Tac actually got all 9 answers correct - and they didn't double down (womp-womp).

    BUT, this brought us to a TIE between Quizlamic State and No Use For a Name! So we set out for the tie-breaker, how many double stitches are on an MLB regulation ball? Neither team was close, but you just had to be closer than the other team. And so, the tie breaker went to the team who picked lucky number 69 - NO USE FOR A NAME!!!

    Great game to everyone! Thank you for coming out on your Tuesday to play Trivia with us at Bar Charlie! It was a ton of fun, hope to see you again next week 🙂

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1* No Use for a Name 65 4 0.900
    1 17073 Quizlamic State 65 4 0.900
    3 19687 Love & HipHop Sea-Tac 47 3 0.600
    4 17940 I Was Told There'd Be Tofurkey 45 2 0.400
    5 O.G. 39 1 0.200
    6 The Winning Team 31 0 0.000
    * Won Tiebreaker