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Sun Aug 27 2017
| by Quizmaster Andrew Murphy

Writing about BarFood trivia every Sunday night is starting to feel like watching the New England Patriots every game day.  It's always the same winner.  Eat Me, I'm a Danish team (pictured first) has won again!  It's no surprise there!  This time finishing with 93 points, 10 points more than the second place team.  Like the Patriots,  Eat Me, I'm a Danish is a winning machine, pumping out $30 BarFood gift cards like it was their job.  As a die hard Minnesota Vikings fan, I don't know what it feels like to have a consistent, winning team.  It's actually more exciting that way, in my opinion.  You never know what's going to happen!  It's an organic process compared to the mechanical Patriots and Eat Me, I'm a Danish.  But hey, to each their own!  This post isn't some therapeutic attempt to make myself feel better about my unpredictable Vikings.  It's my way of saying FOOTBALL IS COMING!  And I'm really excited about it!!

Okay, what was I doing again?  That's right, King Trivia at BarFood!  Besides Eat Me, I'm a Danish,  we did have some Viking-like teams out there keeping me in suspense.  I'll Take Dan Mitchell for $600, Alex had a rough game tonight, but that didn't kill their team spirit.  I'm sure they will bounce back next week.  Just Here for Beer had a great start tonight, doubling down successfully in the first and second round, but came up 4 points short of third place.  Third place went to Made in the 80's (pictured second) for the second week in a row!  They are slowing building up their roster to dethrone the Patriots... I mean Eat Me, I'm a Danish team.  Nothing against the Danish dudes, I just like a good competitive game filled with surprises.  SKOL!!!

PS: Packers suck.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10011 Eat Me, I'm a Danish! 93 15 1.000
2 10937 We Drink and We Know Things 83 14 0.933
3 12378 Made In the 80s 59 13 0.867
4 11530 Just Here for Beer 55 12 0.800
5 10744 Mustache Rides, 5 cents 53 11 0.733
6 10939 Show Me Your Kitties 52 10 0.667
7 11764 Shave My Back 50 9 0.600
8 10355 I'll Take Dan Mitchell for $600, Alex 44 8 0.533
9 11344 Legume Team 42 6 0.433
9 10334 DERBS: A Tribute to Our Departed Team Member David Erbs 42 6 0.433
11 Holley and Mistletoe 36 5 0.333
12 12379 Losey Caboosey 35 4 0.267
13 11952 Likely Last Place 32 3 0.200
14 The Brussels Sprouts are Fucking Awesome 25 2 0.133
15 Switzerland Kids 15 1 0.067
16 Switzerland Adults 14 0 0.000