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Sun Oct 8 2017
| by Quizmaster Andrew Murphy

What a wonderful way to spend my birthday!  That's right, if you missed it, it was my birthday at BarFood tonight!  I had the pleasure to spend my evening with an incredible amount of people!  I was overwhelmed by all the love; especially from my favorite team: "Happy Birthday, Andy!!"  That team just happened to know it was my birthday.  They also just happened to be my girl friend and sister.  I can't say it enough; thank you so much for supporting me, you guys!  I never like posting pictures of myself on here but I thought it was appropriate for the occasion.  Pictured first is the Happy Birthday, Andy!! team with the birthday boy himself.  Pictured second, our 1st place team, Tapioca Pudding!  They pulled off another amazing win and they only doubled down once!  In second place, but pictured third, we have The Aristocrats!  They were actually beating Tapioca Pudding up until the 4th round.  Tapioca took the lead from them when they guessed Michelangelo right after the 10 point clue and the Aristocrats got in on the 6 point clue.   After that, the Aristocrats matched every point that Tapioca Pudding put up.  Every SINGLE point.  They could never tighten the 2 point gap between them and ended up just two points shy of 1st.  Lastly, pictured fourth, is Just Here for Beer.  They are a team that consistently gets within a few places of the winner's circle, yet is always on the outside looking in.  That all changed tonight.  They finally made it to third place!  They fought a very hard battle.  They were in the lead until the 5th round when both Tapioca and the Aristocrats doubled down successfully.  Just Here for Beer got 8 out of 10 in that round but just couldn't hold on to the lead when the others both got 20 points.  You'll get them next time.  Congratulations to all the winners!  Thanks for a memorable birthday night!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10744 Tapioca Pudding 64 22 1.000
2 12647 The Aristocrats 62 21 0.955
3 11530 Just Here for Beer 61 20 0.909
4 10939 Show Me Your Kitties 58 19 0.864
5 10355 Dan Mitchell Meets Bagel 51 18 0.818
6 Roger Murphy's Semi-Casual Bi-Annual Potluck Sleepover Club 44 17 0.773
7 10937 Half a Titty Sprinkle 43 16 0.727
8 12378 Made In the 80s 42 14 0.659
8 We Placed in Germany 42 14 0.659
10 12379 Losey Caboosey 41 13 0.591
11 Urine Trouble 40 12 0.545
12 7th Place is the 6th Loser 38 11 0.500
13 11054 Happy Birthday, ANDY!! 36 10 0.455
14 We're Just Guessing 32 9 0.409
15 ALAN... ALAN!!... Oh wait, that's not Alan, that's Steve... STEVE! 29 8 0.364
16 Slauren and Slyssa 28 7 0.318
17 Snake Pliskin 27 5 0.250
17 Huffle Puff Puff Pass 27 5 0.250
19 12701 David S Pumpkin and the Skeletons 24 3 0.159
19 Suicide Squad 24 3 0.159
21 Impress My Date 16 2 0.091
22 The Rippers 6 1 0.045
23 Weenie Hut Junior 5 0 0.000