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    Join us for the Brewcakes Local League from August 1 - October 26 to compete against your fellow Brewcakers for bragging rights and awesome prizes!

    Brewcakes is a Dessert Gastropub where the whole menu is infused with craft beer, wine or alcohol, while still being family friendly. Come and try our panini sliders, flatbreads, farm fresh salads, and of course all of our desserts! We will soon be serving craft beer and wine! We source many of our ingredients locally and make everything from scratch!


    Tue Apr 10 2018
    | by Quizmaster Brooke Walters

    It was a wackadoodle. nonsensical, Bea Arthur loving kind of night. The teams were ready for some tomfoolery and razzamatazz it was a truly trivia-full evening. And if you are wondering why I am using all of this fiddle-faddle it may be because I fancy myself a blatherskite, who loves a little claptrap, it may be just for the eyewash, but this fustian is no phonus-bolonus it is merely a celebration of the ballyhoo that a little grimgribber, gibberish, riddle-me-ree, tosh or tootle can be. I don't mind looking like a squit, fribble or schmegeggy!

    Wanna talk with a little galimatias and gain a little flapdoodle? Join us at Trivia at Brewcakes and perhaps you will learn what schmickdoodle, notriv, lipsticking or disaporcine may mean. In the meantime quit lollygagging and learn to be a Flibbertigibbet.



    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 11680 Where Have All the Players Gone 49 3 1.000
    2 13514 The Deli Llamas 47 2 0.667
    3 11949 Four Q 38 1 0.333
    4 14359 Team Run 16 0 0.000