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Join us for the Brewcakes Local League from August 1 - October 26 to compete against your fellow Brewcakers for bragging rights and awesome prizes!

Brewcakes is a Dessert Gastropub where the whole menu is infused with craft beer, wine or alcohol, while still being family friendly. Come and try our panini sliders, flatbreads, farm fresh salads, and of course all of our desserts! We will soon be serving craft beer and wine! We source many of our ingredients locally and make everything from scratch!



Tue Jul 17 2018
| by Quizmaster Brooke Walters

It was warm, there was no table, but we made it trivia happen all the same! Welcome to the new folks I hope you enjoyed the wild and crazy game that is King Trivia Tuesday! We had some new winners congrats to Bravo for a dominating double or nothing finish! Alternative Facts and Ashamed Boy met head to head in the final round and in a tiebreaking fight to the near-death Alternative Facts took the 2nd place win! Making Ashamed Boy our 3rd place finisher. And a special shout-out to my last place teams I'm So Pretty and I Can't Even, you know I love you guys! Until next Thursday stay quizzical!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 15625 Bravo 71 8 1.000
2 12251 Alternative Facts 51 6 0.812
2 12332 Ashamed Boy 51 6 0.812
4 14682 Dunder Mifflin A Team 38 5 0.625
5 12084 Wet Bandits 36 4 0.500
6 15572 Peanut and Seahorse 35 3 0.375
7 15575 Nurses With Attitude 31 2 0.250
8 13792 I can't even 26 0 0.062
8 13514 I'm So Pretty 26 0 0.062