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Family run brewpub with beer garden & games (Bocce!). 22 taps for house brews & regional faves and full menu.



Mon Apr 30 2018
| by Quizmaster Chase McInnis

A large group of mostly first-time players gathered at the debut of King Trivia at Brewery Draconum. The teams tested the waters with the General Knowledge round. Most teams earned 2-4 points. A more experienced team, Boner Thugz N' Harmony, should have doubled and earned 8 points.

Things were more interesting in Round 2, when the three eventual winners took the lead: Cool Arrows, We Drink and We Know Things, and Boner Thugz N' Harmony (Who again should have doubled). Most Teams didn't do that great in Round 3 . The pack was still close, and the game saw another missed opportunity to double. This time it was from We Drink and We Know Things.

The Guess Who round was exciting from the beginning. Pink Riot and Cool Arrows correctly guessed "Bruce Springsteen" as the answer. Some people really know The Boss. Draconum and The Movers earned an impressive 8 points. Talking about his Film and TV credits was a little deceptive.

Big moves were made in Round 5. We Drink and We Know Things, along with Boner Thugz N' Harmony learned from their past and successfully doubled, earning an impressive 20 points. The 6th Round saw a battle for 3rd place, with many teams in the middle of the pack. The Movers, We Drink and We Know Things, Cool Arrows, and Draconum correctly guessed seven of the celebrities' birthplaces. After to the dust settled in Round 7, Cool Arrows took 3rd, Boner Thugz N' Harmony came in 2nd, and We Drink and We Know Things won themselves a $30 dollar gift certificate by placing 1st! Boner Thugz N' Harmony may have to gain some confidence in their answers if they want to compete in the future. If they doubled in round 2, they could have come away with the win.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14619 We Drink and We Know Things 61 10 1.000
2 10058 Boner Thugz N'Harmony 54 9 0.900
3 14618 Cool Arrows 45 8 0.800
4 Pink Riot 39 7 0.700
5 13337 Elefino 35 6 0.600
6 Cutthroat Kings 26 5 0.500
7 Brunettes Are Better 22 4 0.400
8 No ID 17 2 0.250
8 Draconum 17 2 0.250
10 CSI 10 1 0.100
11 The Movers 7 0 0.000