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Family run brewpub with beer garden & games (Bocce!). 22 taps for house brews & regional faves and full menu.



Mon May 7 2018
| by Quizmaster Chase McInnis

It was 7:00 on a Monday night at Brewery Draconum, which meant it was Trivia Night! It was a small mix of newcomers and returning teams. Veterans Boner Thugz N' Harmony showed up to win, after placing 2nd last week. They were joined by Draconum, Hanalei, Fast Freddy's, and Rancho Deluxe. The first round kicked off with a close contest, but Boner Thugz N' Harmony made the same mistake every time I've seen them play: a perfect first round, but a failure to double. Two teams managed to identify all of the athletes-turned-actors. Boner Thugz N' Harmony learned from the last round and sucessuccess doubled, but newcomer Rancho Deluxe didn't. Luckily he maintained his 2nd place spot for this round, but could he keep it up?

The table didn't change in Round 3, as every team grabbed 5 out of a possible 6 points. Some teams were tested during the Guess Who round. Rancho Deluxe and Fast Freddys had to use all the clues before guessing Star Lord. Boner Thugz N' Harmony increased their lead with a surprising correct answer after just the first clue. Teams did well in Round 5, but none as good as Fast Freddys who earned themselves double points. They were coming after Boner Thugz N' Harmony, but would it be enough? We'd have to find out after the drinking round.

A representative from each team came up and were presented with a challenge. They had to name band with names that only have one word. Boner Thugz N' Harmony came out as the winners, earning the best kind of drinks... Free drinks! Fast Freddy's and Hanalei did well on the round, netting 7 points each. They must be well-read to do that well in this round. The final round was based on something people think they know well, pizza! The top three we're mostly locked in place, but Rancho Deluxe still had a chance. Unfortunately, he could only name 4 of the top 12 pizza chains. He still did great in the game. He earned 33 points playing solo, an impressive feat.

In the end, Boner Thugz N' Harmony came out on top, followed by Fast Freddys and Hanalei. Congratulations to the winners, and everyone else who came out for an exciting game of King Trivia!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10058 Boner Thugz N' Harmony 58 4 1.000
2 Fast Freddys 49 3 0.750
3 14707 Hanalei 42 2 0.500
4 Rancho Deluxe 33 1 0.250
5 Draconum 4 0 0.000