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    906 Western Ave
    Glendale CA 91201
    (818) 409-944
    • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
    About Brewyard Beer Company

    Brewyard Beer Co. is a new Craft Brewery & Taproom in Glendale, CA. We specialize in Californian "Aled" Lagers. The most well known of this hybrid style is the California Common (A.K.A Steam Beer). We offer 8 of these hybrid beers currently: Soul Cal (California Common), Imposter Syndrome (India Pale Ale'd Lager), Black Sunrise (Black Ale'd Lager), The Smoking Redhead (Smoked Irish Red Ale'd Lager), Sunday Morning (Pale Ale'd Lager), Sunday Morning Joe (Ethiopia Yirgecheffe Coffee infused Pale Ale'd Lager) & Perky DIPL (Double India Pale Ale'd Lager). We also have a very popular Saison brewed with Passion Fruit, A Basil Belgian Single and a Belgian Dubbel.


    Wed Jul 3 2019
    | by Quizmaster Charles Fay

    It was a jam-packed night at Brewyard Beer company. Many came to drink and dine, but most came to play a little trivia and walk away with some Brewyard drink tickets. While Big Mouth Billy Bass, Garbagetown and Four Cats started and finished strong (earning them the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place spots respectively) the rounds preceding were FULL and I mean full of double downs. Such as round five where nearly every team went for the double as well as round one.

    The drinking round was contentious -- teams were asked to provide their closest guess as to when the Star Spangled Banner became our national anthem by congressional resolution. TWO teams came within one year, but ultimately Jammin' walked away with the free flight.

    Congratulations to everyone who played and this weeks' winners!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 14238 BIG MOUTH BILLY BASS 86 10 1.000
    2 17422 Garbagetown 82 9 0.900
    3 17125 Four Cats 75 8 0.800
    4 10775 Here For The Beer 70 7 0.700
    5 17895 Gummi Bearz 69 6 0.600
    6 Fleetwood Quack! 68 5 0.500
    7 17419 AB Start 59 4 0.400
    8 20864 JAM-IN’ 48 3 0.300
    9 Captain Kirks Kinky Crooks 47 2 0.200
    10 Cerveza Hang Time 45 1 0.100
    11 I Have No Friends 22 0 0.000