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    Brewyard Beer Co. is a new Craft Brewery & Taproom in Glendale, CA. We specialize in Californian "Aled" Lagers. The most well known of this hybrid style is the California Common (A.K.A Steam Beer). We offer 8 of these hybrid beers currently: Soul Cal (California Common), Imposter Syndrome (India Pale Ale'd Lager), Black Sunrise (Black Ale'd Lager), The Smoking Redhead (Smoked Irish Red Ale'd Lager), Sunday Morning (Pale Ale'd Lager), Sunday Morning Joe (Ethiopia Yirgecheffe Coffee infused Pale Ale'd Lager) & Perky DIPL (Double India Pale Ale'd Lager). We also have a very popular Saison brewed with Passion Fruit, A Basil Belgian Single and a Belgian Dubbel.


    Wed Mar 4 2020
    | by Quizmaster Austin Walker

    What a game at Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale! Filled with twists, turns, upsets, and Double-Or-Nothing induced dethronings, here's how it went down:

    After a team merger and a tight Round 1, some separation began to present itself after Lance Isn't Here (AKA Big Willie Style) used the Double-Or-Nothing Rule to their advantage, jumping to a nine point lead over the competition by the end of Round 2. Garbagetown proved to be a formidable rival by cutting "Lance's" lead to a mere two points by the time Round 3 came to a close and it was Garbagetown who found themselves on top of the heap after Round 4.

    This trend continued for the fellas from "G-Town" all the way through Round 5 when they took a commanding thirty-seven point lead after which we took a little break to play the second ever edition of my customized Drinking Round, "Redneck Bingo"! It was Gummi Bearz who claimed the free flight of beer for the night as they alone guessed two of the correct words or phrases generally heard in stereotypical country songs.

    Getting back to the game, Thunder Bros (originally a team merged by two single players) found themselves down to just one team member and by Round 6 had moved from their cushy Second Place - Round 2 ranking all the way down to become the newly crowned 6th Place team. At the same time, in an impressive example of how to use the Double-Or-Nothing Rule, Four Cats propelled themselves all the way to the Top 3 after holding down last place during the previous five rounds. In another feat of their own confidence (and another invocation of D.O.N.) in Round 7, the Cats found themselves standing tall above the rest with a whopping sixty-two points in 1st Place! At the end of the night, Garbagetown came up just six points short in 2nd Place with fifty-six points, followed by How to Drain Your Flagon (AKA Here for the Beer) in 3rd Place with forty-seven points, Coronavirus with Lime (AKA Clefabel's Table) in 4th Place with forty-three points, Lane Isn't Here in 5th Place with forty points, Gummi Bearz in 6th Place with thirty-nine points, and the lone Thunder Bro in 7th Place with twenty-eight points.

    I wanna thank Quizmaster Josh for letting me fill in with this great group of regulars and I look forward to seeing y'all next time! Until then, I'm Austin Walker; Go Gators and take care!


    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 17125 Four Cats 62 6 1.000
    2 17422 Garbagetown 56 5 0.833
    3 10775 How to Drain Your Flagon 47 4 0.667
    4 10613 Coronavirus with Lime 43 3 0.500
    5 17419 Lance Isn't Here 40 2 0.333
    6 17895 Gummi Bearz 39 1 0.167
    7 Thunder Bros 28 0 0.000