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110 E 22nd Street, Warehouse No 9
San Pedro CA 90731
(310) 833-933
  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
About Brouwerij West
We brew beer in the classic Belgian style. Our new home at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California is now open



Wed Dec 5 2018
| by Quizmaster Jim McErlean

Chilly/Wet night at Brouwerij West, but King Trivia fans still came out to compete! They were greeted by a small Christmas tree lot at the brewery ('tis the season!), along with the Cali Banh Mi food truck serving up some tasty grub - yum! Brouwerij had the Science Magic beer featured tonight - a little bubbly IPA with a hint of Melon - wow!

As we started the game, there were a couple new teams, which is exciting that King Trivia continues to draw in new players for the bar! Round 1 started off with a Double (actually quadruple) bang, as The Test Tickles, Mocha Mix, Double that Shit! and Counter Intelligence all successfully doubled! With the scores starting out high, there was some pressure to double future rounds and some tricky questions proved treacherous!

Round 2 concluded with a little Barbie controversy, as one of her professions was a little too vague, leaving the Quizmaster to make a judgement call, much to a couple teams' chagrin! I've submitted the controversy to King Trivia Corporate to make sure future questions have more clarity! But there were 5 successful doubles in the Barbie round, with newcomer Talk Nerdy to Me as one of the successful doublers - congrats! Round 4 saw Team Kavanova miss a double, but that didn't deter them throughout the final rounds.

That's a Tasty Burger scored the only double in Round 5 to keep pace with the leaderboard - definitely a tight race tonight! Shout out to all teams that continued to fight for the top spots!

However, Round 6 sunk a lot of teams after Double That Shit! did exactly that on the Books question - who knew that Dan Ackroyd would be the bane of many teams' existence in being a trick answer to the question? The Test Tickles knew, but failed to double and that cost them 1st place tonight. Top spot went to Double That Shit!, followed by The Test Tickles and Mocha Mix for 2nd & 3rd respectively - congrats to the winners of Brouwerij's Bucks!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14556 Double That Shit! 71 14 1.000
2 14149 The Test Tickles 65 13 0.929
3 16313 Mocha Mix 61 12 0.857
4 16458 Team Kavanova 59 11 0.786
5 16483 The Brewsual Suspects 58 9 0.679
5 Jeffery Dahmer's House of Ribs 58 9 0.679
7 13644 That's a Tasty Burger! 57 8 0.571
8 The Ruffles 49 7 0.500
9 14240 Counter Intelligence 41 6 0.429
10 17177 Talk Nerdy To Me 39 5 0.357
11 False Friends 37 4 0.286
12 The BAR 36 3 0.214
13 15018 coolprincess500 31 2 0.143
14 Rainbows & Air Vehicles 27 1 0.071
15 13955 Here for the Beer 17 0 0.000