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San Pedro CA 90731
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  • PUB QUIZ—Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
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We brew beer in the classic Belgian style. Our new home at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California is now open



Wed Mar 20 2019
| by Quizmaster Jim McErlean

Sub - Quizmaster Jim Mc (and helper Kathy) reported for duty! I've had the pleasure to sub 3 times at Brouwerij West and have always been impressed by the staff as well as the competitive nature of the teams! You can see how the staff has welcomed in King Trivia and how the teams reciprocate by their regular attendance, patronage of the brewery and food truck. But don't that fool ya, as the teams come to play and play to win - onward:

The Test Tickles started the night with a perfect Round 1 and never gave up their lead (spoiler alert - oops, too late). But the questions were tough tonight and kept most teams away from doubling, so everyone stayed bunched up in the leaderboard! Mike Hunt (haha) came late and didn't start until Round 3, or they might have had a shot too! Alpaca Punch kept pace until a wrong answer in "Guess Who" knocked them out. Who knew Al Pacino was a homeless, failed actor who wanted to play baseball before hit caught his big break from Coppola (and the "mafia triology") - well, The Brewsual Suspects did and that answer in Round 4 firmly entrenched them in 2nd place, where'd finish the evening - ooh, spoiler alert - too late.

Questions must have gotten easier in Rounds 6 & 7, as we saw The Snowflakes & Team Kavanova surge into a dogfight for 3rd place, with Counter Intelligence & Uncomfortably Dumb right behind. In the end (see what I did there), The Snowflakes had a successful final round double and stood alone in 3rd, while The Test Tickles beat The Brewsual Suspects for the top prize.

Fun times had by all - even the teams that didn't get mentioned but smiled every time they brought up their answers and laughed off the difficulty of the subject matter - tough NOT to enjoy yourself when hanging at Brouwerij West! Til next time...

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14149 The Test Tickles 68 11 1.000
2 16483 The Brewsual Suspects 57 10 0.909
3 The Snowflakes 51 9 0.818
4 Alpaca Punch 44 8 0.727
5 14240 Counter Intelligence 43 7 0.636
6 Uncomfortably Dumb 40 6 0.545
7 16458 Team Kavanova 31 5 0.455
8 16958 The Squidward’s 28 4 0.364
9 13955 Here for the Beer 20 3 0.273
10 13627 The Bar 18 2 0.182
11 The Next Door Neighbors 14 1 0.091
12 Mike Hunt 12 0 0.000