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We brew beer in the classic Belgian style. Our new home at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California is now open



Wed May 29 2019
| by Quizmaster Kris Buxton

It was a less busy night than usual at Brouwerij West this week, perhaps because people have already done so much drinking this week as a part of the Memorial Day holiday weekend. One way or another the teams who did come out managed to not only keep up the drinking but also rack up some impressive scores in trivia. I was impressed by how dedicated each and every team was this week and enjoyed hearing the grumbling and spirited complaints when teams didn't know answers (mwahaha).

The winner this week for the second week in a row was Counter Intelligence who took the lead in Round 6 with an impressive double or nothing. In second place we had the BJ's who took an early lead, but lost first just before the end. In third place this week was the Mild Stallions, a frequent Brouwerij West victor. In general teams struggled with Round 7, which was about this last year's oscars, so I have to mention that Uncomfortably Dumb knocked it out of the park in Round 7 with a successful double or nothing that resulted in a rise from last place to 5th! All in all, the turnout this week may have been small, but these teams were mighty and filled the bar up with their brilliance!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 14240 Counter Intelligence 66 7 1.000
2 The BJ’s 62 6 0.857
3 19235 Mild Stallions 53 5 0.714
4 13644 That's a Tasty Burger! 51 4 0.571
5 13114 Uncomfortably dumb 47 3 0.429
6 19062 99 Problems but a beer ain’t one 34 2 0.286
7 Sometimes the Bar Eats You 33 1 0.143
8 19821 Menace To Sobriety 32 0 0.000