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    Wed Aug 21 2019
    | by Quizmaster Kris Buxton

    Everybody knows that in Trivia there is an art to knowing the answers, but in my opinion sometimes an even more impressive art is making up an answer when you don't know it. I will show you what I mean by letting you peek behind the curtain into some of the creative answers I got this week at trivia.

    One common and hilarious trick that trivia competitors often employ is to give as much information as they can when they don't know the answer. Usually this is in the form of "That one guy who..." Some examples of this from trivia this week are "The guy that graduated from Berkeley" or "The guy no one remembers".

    The other strategy is to go balls to the wall with a totally creative answer based on the info given. Some hilarious examples of this were in Round 7 when a team was trying to write the members of One Direction, but didn't know the answers so they came up with fun names that combined the Beatles and Fruit: "John Lemon, Ringo Strawberry, Orange Harrison". Another team that couldn't remember the name of the One Direction members put "Benedryl Cucumber". Still a different example of creative answers happened in Round 2 when teams were trying to identify the logo for Full Throttle. One team said "Harry Potter Energy Drink" and another said "I-Drive-A-Lifted-Pick Up Truck-With-Sexy-Lady-Mud-Flaps-Energy Drink".

    None of these answers were correct, but they made me laugh much harder than the correct answer would have, thus proving my point that there truly is an art to making up an answer. Thanks to Cat Earth Society, Counter Intelligence, Sister Sister, The Squidwards, and Help Me, Help Me, I Don't Know Where I Am for the laughs.

    Some teams that didn't have to make up answers because they already knew them were Hey You, Beer Me who took first place, Pacific Coast Dog who took second, and Hella Vella who took third. I was especially impressed to see Hey You, Beer Me in first because they had such a small team compared to many of the teams that come to Brouwerji West, not to mention that they have a birthday coming up!

    If these creative answers keep coming perhaps I will start giving an award each week for most creative/hilarious answer. Regardless of whether they are right or wrong let's keep the answers coming Brouwerji West!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 Hey You, Beer Me 89 19 1.000
    2 20868 Pacific coast dog 82 18 0.947
    3 15771 Hella Vella 80 17 0.895
    4 21132 Ximbo 76 15 0.816
    4 Mike & Friends 76 15 0.816
    6 14149 The Test Tickles 73 14 0.737
    7 17097 Team X-Blades 68 13 0.684
    8 21658 We’re Gonna Wreck It 58 12 0.632
    9 14240 Counter Intelligence 50 10 0.553
    9 19937 Cat Earth Society 50 10 0.553
    11 19235 Mild Stallions 49 9 0.474
    12 16958 The Squidward’s 40 6 0.368
    12 Help Me, Help Me, I Don’t Know Where I Am 40 6 0.368
    12 The Goobers 40 6 0.368
    15 22225 Sailor Joe's 35 5 0.263
    16 16298 Cool Story Brew 30 4 0.211
    17 The Bar 24 3 0.158
    18 18372 Sister Sister 19 2 0.105
    19 Heavy Bag Hooch Bunkers 14 1 0.053
    20 Draco Them Sklounst 10 0 0.000