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San Pedro CA 90731
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We brew beer in the classic Belgian style. Our new home at the Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro, California is now open



Wed Aug 28 2019
| by Quizmaster Kris Buxton

The people of Brouwerji West are smart. I knew this, I have always known this, but tonight I was reminded just how smart this crowd really is. Tonight, not only did people know the answer, the crowd went one step further and was able to elaborate on the answers. All night I had people coming up to me sharing facts that connected to the trivia questions. For example, I learned all about the history of Empiricism from a couple of teams and found out that one person is a direct relative of John Locke. I learned that the painter of American Gothic never officially said whether he was depicting the farmer's wife or daughter in the painting, but the model has always said that she was posing as the farmers daughter, I even learned all about nautical terms and what they mean. I am grateful for this job because I get to learn so much.

The teams that may be the best teachers tonight were Hey You, Beer Me who got 1st place, and Pacific Coast Dog, Mild Stallions, and Awareness Spectrum Narcotic who all tied for 2nd. We had to do a tie breaker for second place and Mild Stallions ended up in 2nd, Pacific Coast Dog ended in 3rd, and Awareness Spectrum Narcotic ended in 4th. Hey You, Beer Me had an impressive lead right up to the very end and easily took first. I still say that their trick was that they had a birthday on their team. Happy Birthday Patty, good work being the team's good luck charm.

As for best/most creative wrong answer of the night, I am going to have to go with The Lame Dumbinators who said that Bobo: Testicle Thief was a Ben Affleck movie.

Also a fond farewell to Robert, who normally works Trivia nights but informed me that he got a promotion and will no longer be serving drinks on Wednesday nights. Darn you Robert for being so good at your job and moving up in the world! I will miss you as I am sure all of the other trivia folks will.

Keep teaching me Brouwerji West and I will keep the trivia questions coming!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 22303 Hey You, Beer Me 83 17 1.000
2* 19235 Mild Stallions 62 14 0.882
2* 20868 Pacific coast dog 62 14 0.882
2 20999 Awareness Spectrum Narcotic & Precious Bodily Fluids 62 14 0.882
5 16958 The Squidward’s 61 13 0.765
6 16298 Cool Story Brew 58 12 0.706
7 14240 Counter Intelligence 57 11 0.647
8 21830 No use for a brain 56 10 0.588
9 Wild Hares 52 9 0.529
10 10324 Ramrod 49 8 0.471
11 Zero F’s Given 43 6 0.382
11 A Smatter of Facts 43 6 0.382
13 The Lame Dumbinators 41 5 0.294
14 14149 The Test Tickles 35 4 0.235
15 2 Lukes 16 1 0.118
15 Cosmos Way 16 1 0.118
15 Team Rudy 16 1 0.118
18 Bronco Butlers 9 0 0.000
* Won Tiebreaker