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    Wed Oct 9 2019
    | by Quizmaster Kathryn Draney

    Trivia definitely was only the second most exciting event last night since the Dodgers were playing! Even though the MLB stakes were high, the teams didn't let baseball distract them and brought their A-game to the trivia scene. It was a brutal battle to the end for both the trivia teams and the Dodgers. While the Dodgers didn't win, trivia was a big success.

    Highlights included:

    • A team writing "Men in Black" for almost every answer in the Alien Picture Round
    • Me attempting to describe math symbols verbally (Alligator mouth over a line? Vertical squiggle? Roman E?)
    • SO MANY ROUND 7 DOUBLES! Most I've ever seen!
    • Not one... not two... but THREE doggies on the Pacific Coast Dog team, who all posed perfectly for their group photo (very good boys/girls... they deserve extra treats)

    From the beginning, Counter Intelligence took the lead and maintained it with successful double after successful double - it was no surprise that they walked away with the first place prize! Second place went to Pacific Coast Dog, who had a slow start but came back HARD with three successful doubles for 20 points apiece in Rounds 5, 6, and 7. In third place, Hey You, Beer Me was rewarded for a consistent performance in each round as well as the only correct 10-point guess in Round 4's "Guess Where".

    Thanks for the great night everyone - I'll see you in a few weeks! Happy trivia-ing and Go Dodgers!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 14240 Counter Intelligence 90 10 1.000
    2 20868 Pacific Coast Dog 83 9 0.900
    3 22303 Hey You, Beer Me 81 8 0.800
    4 19235 Mild Stallions 75 7 0.700
    5 14473 Goldilocks and the 3 Bears 55 6 0.600
    6 23141 Whale Brains 54 5 0.500
    7 13114 Uncomfortably Dumb 49 4 0.400
    8 20999 I need a job and help my hand is up 45 3 0.300
    9 19937 Cat Earth Society 40 2 0.200
    10 22006 Wild Hares 35 1 0.100
    11 Brooks 25 0 0.000