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We have 10 large HDTVs and show up to 5 different events on them (we love sports and hope you join us for all the great sports events coming up: UFC, NBA, NHL, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Rugby Word Cup, NASCAR races, Champions League, MLB World Series, etc.).

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Tue Oct 15 2019
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

Thank you so much to wonderful Lucas, Priscilla, and Chris at Butcher's Dog for helping me get set up and making me feel so welcome subbing in for Brad!

And of course a humongous THANK YOU to all of the lovely teams who came out to play tonight and did the same for me!

I discovered two things tonight -- you guys are very very good at your literary canon just roaring through those Banned Books and also just as well-versed in your fictional food and dranks!

And what a good laugh we had at the Find the Connection tonight.

Keanu Reeves. Napoleon (the v. delicious dessert q that I simply loved and did not mind saying "three layers of puff pastry dusted with powdered sugar" four times Bc yum). Beethoven. Death. Logan from X-men.

Why what do these all have in common?

You guys guessed Matrix, Superman, and my personal favorite -- white people.

Me: hmm but is Death a white person? Or is he race-less? Well that's a philosophical question for another day.

And the laughs just kept on coming.

Bc hey -- gotta ensure a good time is had by all and that y'all are taken care of when Brad's away!

First, we agreed we would go visit Indonesia before more of it sinks into the ocean.

Then, how bout that Drinking Round?

I had y'all guessing what the biggest point deficit in a World Series Game 7 was and the two years this point deficit happened.

Because it's MLB season and ya girl Sanyee keeps bringing the MLB to venue drinking rounds year-round and NOT JUST during the best time of the season -- baseball postseason 🙂

Jessica's Team won the Drinking Round, guessing a 10-run deficit and the years 1924 and 1987.

The right answer for all my baseball trivia aficionados and also for all my non-baseball trivia aficionados, is 11 runs.

And it happened to the St. Louis Cards beating the Detroit Tigers in 1934.

And then the Kansas City Royals beat the Cards 11-0 in 1985.

In true baseball fashion, what goes around comes around.

And in true trivia fashion, that hot streak for Jessica's team kept on going past the Drinking Round as they captured the lead from Dilly Dilly.

Petrified Forster also charged ahead with the successful double down in Round 5 and ended up nabbing Second Place with 80 points.

Dilly Dilly won third for tonight ending the night at 71 and Jessica's Team won First Place with 82.

Can't wait to see y'all next week!

I know your amazing literary skillzzz and you guys now know my sense of humor.

See -- we're so close now!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13196 Jessica's Team 82 7 1.000
2 10073 Petrified Forster 80 6 0.857
3 13817 Dilly dilly 71 5 0.714
4 11559 JC's Bacon Dream 67 4 0.571
5 17528 Gruesome Twosome 57 3 0.429
6 21445 Immoral Surgery 48 2 0.286
7 12704 Let’s Get Quizzical 44 1 0.143
8 23102 Kaplan Meier Weiners 40 0 0.000