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11301 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles CA 90064
  • PUB QUIZ—Tuesdays @ 7:30pm
About Butcher's Dog

We have 10 large HDTVs and show up to 5 different events on them (we love sports and hope you join us for all the great sports events coming up: UFC, NBA, NHL, Formula 1 Grand Prix, Rugby Word Cup, NASCAR races, Champions League, MLB World Series, etc.).

We have a beautiful patio with space heaters.

We pour great beers and wines, with 18 beers on tap, as well as crafted cocktails.

We have a great Happy Hour menu daily from 3pm to 7pm and ALL NIGHT on Mondays.

During these times $4 & $5  draft beers, $6 house cocktails, $4 well drinks and our selected house wines are $6 a glass.



Tue Oct 22 2019
| by Quizmaster Sanyee Yuan

What a fun fun night!

As Game 1 of the World Series kicked off AND the Lakers game was happening simultaneously, the loudest cheers emanated from the moment the microphone volume got turnt up so EVERYONE could hear, from my back table to my outside table 🙂

Giant shout-out to my MVP team of the night, Regal Beagle, for stepping in and helping out! And of course Lucas, Justin, and Eugene from Butcher's Dog who welcomed me with open arms as QM Sub for the second week in a row!

Well, I had most fun DJ'ing all night as per your requests -- bc hey, listening to Bastille's "Happier" definitely did raise everyone's spirits and maybe, just maybe, helped with Q1 of Round 5 as you tried to figure out who was on that collab!

And then how bout dat handout round tho? Def kickstarted my One Direction playlist that I'd been waiting to blast out. And a night like tonight had to call for some Spice Girls bc of not only Round Six but bc of that spicy spicy saucey Round 3.

Me: If anyone was going to make a bechamel sauce this weekend, now you know -- you can't forget that most important ingredient of all -- nutmeg!

Congrats to You Up? and Jessica's Team for coming so head to head with tennis savvy for the Drinking Round.

Jessica's Team had a repeat double win, just like last week, swooping in with both the Drinking Round and the Grand Prize, ending the night on a whopping 95 points, which this QM has definitely never even seen before in all her three months of hosting! And Jessica's Team rocked an amazing Puffins shirt so more invisible points right there!

You Up? nabbed third place while A Message from Pierre DeLeoto came in Second.

Congrats to all! I will miss you dearly. It was great getting to know you!

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 13196 Jessica's Team 95 12 1.000
2 10073 A Message from Pierre DeLeoto 69 11 0.917
3 You Up? 64 10 0.833
4 13817 Dilly dilly 61 9 0.750
5 13315 Regal Beagle 56 8 0.667
6 18405 Bearded Hunters 54 6 0.542
6 11559 JC's Bacon Dream 54 6 0.542
8 That Scene from Basic Instinct 52 5 0.417
9 17528 Gruesome Twosome 47 4 0.333
10 12704 Let’s Get Quizzical 43 3 0.250
11 Wilt Thurgood 36 1 0.125
11 Shark Ninja 36 1 0.125
13 Tuna 23 0 0.000