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    The Canterbury Ale House is your neighborhood pub featuring 30 beers on tap, tons of free games to play, large TVs and sports, nightly events, and more.  We are always a kid and pet friendly place so bring your entire family down for a pint!


    Tue Oct 8 2019
    | by Quizmaster Raymond Williams

    It was Tuesday Night at The Canterbury- this time in full Halloween regalia, complete with severed heads and limbs, ghosts, ghouls, and backsplash where clearly someone had more trouble than expected with a paper-cut.

    Awesome Answers lived up to their namesake and managed to stay competitive until that weird flash of green light and their mysterious disappearance sometime during Round 5.

    Tokyo Banana managed to stay strong, but were decapitated by a couple of missed Double or Nothings.

    Finley's Back was stayed the course, but was also impaled by a Round 7 Nothing when they tried to Double.

    Is It Too Much? was one of the three teams that stayed alive long enough to take a prize, but The Double or Nothing, not one let go of a Grudge so easily, had its revenge once again and left them hanging in the wind like Damien's nanny.

    The 2nd Place Honey Smacks seemed to avoid The Double or Nothing murder spree, but tripped in the woods at the last minute and was run through by Listen to the Flipside Podcast, who turned out to be the killer (and innovators in plugging their projects) managed to hit two successful Double or Nothings to end the night in First Place!

    It was a real Thriller!

    Come out next Tuesday, because, if horror franchises have taught me nothing else, tonight's trivia will have many, many sequels.




    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 23120 Listen to the Flipside Podcast 66 5 1.000
    2 20802 Honey Smacks 58 4 0.800
    3 20589 Is It Too Much? 50 3 0.600
    4 18530 Finley's Back 45 2 0.400
    5 21103 Tokyo Banana 30 1 0.200
    6 11519 Awesome Answers 13 0 0.000