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Thu Sep 5 2019
| by Quizmaster JEAN ILANO

Move over Thursday night football, it's all about Thursday night trivia at Chapter One! Oh what a night!!!

All night it was a tied game between our loyal registered teams, The Lord Chamberlain's Men and The Mutants Over at Table 9. That all changed at the final round with Morgan Freeman's top domestic grossing films. The Mutants Over at Table 9 beat them out by 1 point!!! They came in first place followed by Lord Chamberlain's Men. (Shocking fun fact about Morgan Freeman: Shawshank Redemption is not one of his 12 highest grossing films... say what!!!)

We had some strong newbie teams out tonight with their game faces and funnies on! One of the newbie teams, The Killers, also became an official registered team... welcome to the King Trivia family! And never mind that The Zottiessss thought Mikhail Baryshnikov was James Bond, they had a lot of heart and kept us amused all night with their answers 😀

One of the newbie teams, Naughty Hotties, impressed us during the drinking round with their football team knowledge. In 2 minutes time, they were able to name 21 football teams in alphabetical order by city and team name! They definitely earned their round of shots!

Funny answers, new fun facts, and fun French fruit words throughout the night! I came away with lots of laughs and my new favorite word- l'ananas (English translation- pineapple)!



Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 18416 The Mutants Over at Table 9 43 8 1.000
2 22282 The Lord Chamberlain's Men 42 7 0.875
3 F the Packers 40 6 0.750
4 22531 The Killers 35 5 0.625
5 Shakira 33 4 0.500
6 Prime Time Duo 31 2 0.312
6 The Naughty Hotties 31 2 0.312
8 Thotty Boddies 27 1 0.125
9 Zottiessss 21 0 0.000