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    Thu Jan 16 2020
    | by Quizmaster Michael Cornacchia

    4 teams competed this week at Chapter 1 to see who would go home in FIRST place in another exciting game of King Trivia.
    "We'll Be Back" started out strong ending the first round with 7 points (2 additional points were added to their score since they were ALSO registered at Not too far behind was "Too Pricks in a Pod" with 6 points. A King Trivia returning favorite, "Paisley" went to double their points in Round 1 but unfortunately answered one question wrong and received a big fat "0" for the round. But not to fret too much, "Paisley" did get 2 points for being a registered team! And they made up for it by DOUBLING their score in Round 3. "We'll Be Back" won the Drinking Round and a round of Dickel shots when their paper airplane not only went the farthest but also crashed into a teammate on "Hookers and Blowfish." 😮 Check out the paper airplanes in the picture section of this recap!! ALL four of our teams guessed the famous person in Round 4 on the four point clue. While in Round 5, "Two Pricks in a Pod," "Hookers and Blowfish," and "We'll Be Back" all received 7 out of 10 points while "Paisley" beat them all with 8 points but they still were in second place with "We'll Be Back" ahead by 5 points. "Paisley" kicked our handout round, Round 6, in the butt when they matched more answers than all the other teams tying for first place with "We'll Be Back." But "Paisley" BUSTED on the last round, Round 7, when they answered all but one question correctly as they went to double or nothing their score ending with another big fat "0" for the round. In the end, SECOND place, and a $15 gift card for their next Chapter One visit went to "Two Pricks in a Pod." And FIRST place and a $30 gift card to their next Chapter 1 visit went to "We'll Be Back!!" As usual, I had a blast and a huge thanks to our bar and waitstaff! Looking forward to next time!!

    Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
    1 19178 We'll Be Back 49 3 1.000
    2 24831 Two Pricks in a Pod 42 2 0.667
    3 24567 Paisley 40 1 0.333
    4 Hookers and Blowfish 33 0 0.000