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Tue Jun 13 2017
| by Quizmaster Brooke Walters

It was June 13th 2017 when 4 teams met to compete head to head in epic battle, matching wits and knowledge and only 1 would rise a champion. It was set at Charlie's Stars and Stripes and it is a night that no one will forget...  Now the  question is do I keep talking out loud as I type in the movie trailer guy's voice, or  should I stop because others may be able to hear me?


Now back to the game... Suck it Trebec made sure that last place was covered for the duration of the game, but with a name like that who needs correct answers. Shake and Bake put in a solid effort but it was Who Wants to Touch Mike Hawk and Three's Company that went head to head... Tied for most of the game, always going for and scoring double or nothing at the same time the two teams were relentless. In the end, with a round house kick to the face and a helicopter explosion, it was Mike Hawk who won the game by 1 point and left Three's Company back in second feeling the burn...

Don't look back at that helicopter engulfed in flames Mike, don't you dare, your too badass to watch explosions!...

We almost had a tie breaking sequel folks, soooo close.

Game Rank Team # Team Name Score Teams Beaten Team Beat Average
1 10340 Who Wants to Touch Mike Hawk 55 3 1.000
2 11638 Three's Company 54 2 0.667
3 10825 Shake and Bake 40 1 0.333
4 11636 Suck it trebek! 37 0 0.000